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[First Ed. - Signed Copy] Emanuel Moses Myers, The Centurial, A Jewish Calendar for One Hundred Years, New York - Cincinnati & Chicago, Stettinger - Bloch, 1890
[Liturgy - Unrecorded], Israelitish Prayer Book, עבודת ישראל, Philadelphia, M. Jastrow, 1885
[Liturgy - Reform - Unrecorded], The Union Prayer Book for Jewish Worship, P. 2, סדר תפלות ישראל, New York, Bloch Publishing Co., 1904
[Community - Only Ed.] Napoleon , Bulletin des Lois N. 210 , Paris, De L'Imprimerie imperiale , 1809
[Community - Illustrated] , Central Universal Yeshiva Merkaz Harav Certific , נזר גבאות - תעודת חבר , Jerusalem , c. 1940
[First Ed.] R. Isaac Leeser, Discourses on the Jewish religion - Vol. III, Philadelphia, Sherman & Co., 5601(1841)
[First Ed.] David Levi, A Defence of the Old Testament ... Thomas Paine, London, Author, 1797
[Liturgy - Only Ed.] R. Jacob Halberstam, Special 'Tfiloh' (prayer) for Health, תפלה צו בעטען פאר געזונד, New York, Chakover Rabbi, 1951
[Haggadah], The Diaspora Haggadah, הגדת התפוצות, Ramat Gan, [1988]
[First Ed.] Colonel Sir Charles Wilson , Picturesque Palestine, Sinai And Egypt , New York , D.Appleton And Company , 1881
[Haggadah - Illustrated] , La Haggada , סדר ההגדה של פסח, Paris, France , Librairie Israelite (Jouaust) , 1867
[Map] Guillaume Delisle, (1675-1725), Carte de l'Egypte dela Nubie del'Abissinie, Paris, France, chez l'auteur sur le quai de l'Horloge, 1707
2 UJA-Federation auction catalogues from Sotheby's, New York, Sotheby's, 1976; 81
Jean & Maurice Gould, The Story of Israel in Stamps, Beverly Hills, Ca., Wilshire Book Co., 1971
Rachel Wischnitzer, From Dura to Rembrandt, Jerusalem, Hamakor, 1990
Grace Grossman, The Maurice Spertus Museum, Selected Objects, Chicago, Spertus College of Judaica Press, 1974
Linda Altshuler, editor , In the Spirit of Tradition, Washington, D.C., Bnai Brith Klutznick Museum, 1988
Jewish Museum, Mus. of American Folk Art, The Jewish Heritage in American Folk Art, New York, Universe Books, 1984
Edward van Voolen, My Grandparents, My Parents and I, New York, Prestel, 2006
various contributors, 2 catalogues - Journal of Jewish Art, Jerusalem, Center for Jewish Art, 1980; 82
Florence Cassen Mayers, ABC - the Alef-Bet Book,, אבג ספר האלף בית מוזיאון ישראל, Jerusalem, Israel Museum
Greeting for a happy New Year, probably New York, ca. 1910
3 Women's X-Libris, early 20c.
Univ. of Cambridge, Catalogue of printed books & Semitic/Jewish mss., Charleston, HP, 2012
L.A. Mayer, Bibliography of Jewish Art, Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1967
Karl Schwarz, Jewish Artists of the 19th and 20th Centuries, New York, Philosophical Library, 1949
[Map - Erez Israel] Guillaume de L'Isle, A Map of Turky Arabia & Persia, London, Royal Societys of London and Paris, 1711
[Copperplate] K. de Putter, The taking of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, [London], 1730
[Copperplate], The Siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, [London], 1730
[Copperplate], A Plan of the Mount of Olives, According to our latest travellers, [London], 1732
[Copperplate], The Ruins of Tiberias, According to M. le Brun and other travellers , [London], 1732
[Copperplate], A view of the city of Ramah situated to the west, of Jerusalem between Lydda and Joppa, [London], 1732
[Community] Yeshiva Haye Olam , Zos Torath Habayith , זאת תורת הבית , Jerusalem , Weiss , 1929
[Ladino - Liturgy], Mahzor leYom haKippurim, מחזור ליום הכפורים, Vienna, Josef Schlesinger, 1867
Jacob Rosenheim; Nathan Birnbaum; Isaac Bteuer, Agudist Essays, London, Agudas Israel Organisation, 1944
[Community - Only Ed.], Memorial Service... Reverend Dr. Benjamin Artom, London, 1879
[Community - Only Ed.], Order of Service, רנה ותפלה, London, Wertheimer, Lea and Co., 1891
L. A. Bosman, The Mysteries of the Qabalah, London, Dharma Press, (1913)
[Community - Only Ed.], History of the Hampstead Synagogue, Order of Service, London, United Synagogue, 1942
[Haggadah - Unrecorded], Souvenir Haggadah of the Jewish Daily News, הגדה וסדר של פסח, New York, The State Bank, 1920's
[Haggadah - Illustrated], Passover Haggadah illustrated by Marc Chagall, New York & Paris, Leon Amiel, 1987
Herbert C. Zafren, comp., A Gathering of Broadsides, USA, Society of Jewish Bibliophiles, 1967
World Zionist Org., Holy Arks & Ritual Appurtenances from Italy, ארונות קודש ותשמישי קדושה שהועלו מאיטליה, Jerusalem, WZO, 1970
[Haggadah - Illustrated], Hagada de Pessah, הגדה של פסח, Casablanca, Joseph Lugassy at L'Ideale, c. 1940
[Haggadah - Illustrated], Hagada de Pessah, הגדה של פסח, Casablanca, Joseph Lugassy at L'Ideale, c. 1940
R.H. S. Crossman & Michael Foot , A Palestine Munich? , London, Victor Gollancz Ltd. , 1946
[Ms. - Women - Zionism], Note by Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel, כתב גולדה מאיר, [Jerusalem], 1960's
[Ms. - Zionism], Note by Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem, כתב מטדי קולק, [Jerusalem], 1960's
Naomi, artist, A New Dawn, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, Burston Graphic Center, 1975
[Etching], Jew Tombs, Whitechapel, London, 1792
[First Ed.] Lucien Wolf, Sir Moses Montefiore, A Centennial Biography, London, John Murray, 1884
R. Dr. J. H. Hertz, A book of Jewish thoughts, selected and arranged by the Chief Rabbi, London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, Ltd., 1917
[Miniature - Bible - Unrecorded], The Book of Psalms, תהלים, London, (London Society), 1867
[Only Ed.] , 28th Annual Meeting, [Philadelphia], Jewish Publication Society of America, 1916
[First Eng. Ed.] Johann Gottfried Herder, The spirit of Hebrew poetry, Burlington, Vermont, Edward Smith, 1833
[Only Ed.] Moses Aaron Dropsie, The Life of Jesus, Philadelphia, Billstein & Son, 1890
[Only Ed.] Moses Aaron Dropsie, Deform in Judaism and on the Study of Hebrew, Philadelphia, Billstein & Son, 1895
[First Ed.] Frederic William Madden, History of Jewish Coinage, and of Money in the Old and New Testament , London, Bernard Quaritch, 1864
Image Not Available [Only Ed.] Morris S. Goodblatt, Jewish Life in Turkey in the XVIth Century, New York, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1952
[Women - Only Ed.] R. Mordecai Aaron Kaplan, Family of the Purity (Taarath Hamishpocho), טהרת המשפחה, New York, Levant Press, 1923
[Liturgy - WWI], Mahzor - Rosh ha-Shannah, Yom Kippur, מחזור - ראש השנה ויום כפור, New York, Hebrew Publishing Co., 1918
[Map] William Whiston, Translator, The Genuine Works of Flavius Josephus, Vol. 1-2, 4-7, New York, David Huntington, 1815
[Habad - WWII] R. Joseph I. Schneersohn, New Year Message to Jewish Servicemen, ראש השנה מעסעדזש צו אידישע סאלדאטן, Brooklyn, NY, Machne Israel, 1945
[Zionism], New Year Greeting Card, לשנה טובה תכתבו - פאנאראמא פון תל-אביב, Germany, early 20c.
3 auction catalogs, Various, 1980-94
3 auction catalogs, Tel Aviv - London, Sotheby's, 1993-95
[WWI - Liturgy], Abridged Prayer Book for Jews in the Army and Navy, Readings from Holy Scriptures for Jewish Soldiers, Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1918
[Haggadah - Illustrated], Group of 3 haggadaot, הגדה של פסח, New York, Hebrew Publishing Co.
[Haggadah], Seder Haggadah, סדר הגדה, New York, Bloch Publishing Co., 1905
[First Ed.] Kenneth Libo, Irving Howe, We Lived There Too: In Their Own Words and Picture, New York, St. Martin's/Marek, 1984
[Haggadah - Illustrated - Unrecorded], Haggadah Shel Pesah, הגדה של פסח, New York, Breakstone Bros., (1938)
Image Not Available M. Capfigue, Histoire philosophique des Juifs, Brussels, N.J. Gregor,V. Wouters et Cie, 1839
[Community], Laws of the Buriel Society of the Federation, רולס פון די ח' קדישא דח' בני ישראל, London, E, W, Rabbinowicz, 1897
[Liturgy - Reform] Dr. Isaac Mayer Wise, The divine service of American Israelites, Part I, תפלות בני ישורון, Cincinnati, Bloch & Co., n.d.
[Liturgy - Women], Devotional Exercises, Birmingham, R. Matthison, (1852)
[Only Ed. - Zionism], Constitution of the English Zionist Federation, מרכז הציונים באנגליא, London, H. Ginzburg Printer, 1907
[Only Ed. - Polemic] R. Joseph Shapotsnick, The Training of Children, חנוך הילדים, London, R. Cohen, 1917
Group of 5 American-Jewish booklets, USA, early 20 c