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[Only Ed.] R. Abraham Marmorstein, Midrash Haserot we-Yeserot, מדרש חסירות ויתירות, London, Lusac, 1917
[Ms.], Letter by Sir Moses Montefiore, כתב מהשר משה מונטיפיורי, Ramsgate, 1869
[First Ed.] David Levi, A Defence of the Old Testament ... Thomas Paine, London, Author, 1797
Univ. of Cambridge, Catalogue of printed books & Semitic/Jewish mss., Charleston, HP, 2012
[Map - Erez Israel] Guillaume de L'Isle, A Map of Turky Arabia & Persia, London, Royal Societys of London and Paris, 1711
[Copperplate] K. de Putter, The taking of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, [London], 1730
[Copperplate], The Siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, [London], 1730
[Copperplate], A Plan of the Mount of Olives, According to our latest travellers, [London], 1732
[Copperplate], The Ruins of Tiberias, According to M. le Brun and other travellers , [London], 1732
[Copperplate], A view of the city of Ramah situated to the west, of Jerusalem between Lydda and Joppa, [London], 1732
Jacob Rosenheim; Nathan Birnbaum; Isaac Bteuer, Agudist Essays, London, Agudas Israel Organisation, 1944
[Community - Only Ed.], Memorial Service... Reverend Dr. Benjamin Artom, London, 1879
[Community - Only Ed.], Order of Service, רנה ותפלה, London, Wertheimer, Lea and Co., 1891
L. A. Bosman, The Mysteries of the Qabalah, London, Dharma Press, (1913)
[Community - Only Ed.], History of the Hampstead Synagogue, Order of Service, London, United Synagogue, 1942
R.H. S. Crossman & Michael Foot , A Palestine Munich? , London, Victor Gollancz Ltd. , 1946
[Etching], Jew Tombs, Whitechapel, London, 1792
[First Ed.] Lucien Wolf, Sir Moses Montefiore, A Centennial Biography, London, John Murray, 1884
R. Dr. J. H. Hertz, A book of Jewish thoughts, selected and arranged by the Chief Rabbi, London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, Ltd., 1917
[Miniature - Bible - Unrecorded], The Book of Psalms, תהלים, London, (London Society), 1867
R. Hayyim ben Moses ibn Attar , Me’or ha-Hayyim , מאור החיים , London , דפוס חי , 1959
[Only Ed.] Simon Meir Perlmann, Hassinim (The Chinese), הסינים, London, Ha-Yehudi, 1911
[First Ed.] Frederic William Madden, History of Jewish Coinage, and of Money in the Old and New Testament , London, Bernard Quaritch, 1864
3 auction catalogs, Tel Aviv - London, Sotheby's, 1993-95
[Community], Laws of the Buriel Society of the Federation, רולס פון די ח' קדישא דח' בני ישראל, London, E, W, Rabbinowicz, 1897
[Liturgy - Women], Devotional Exercises, Birmingham, R. Matthison, (1852)
[Only Ed. - Zionism], Constitution of the English Zionist Federation, מרכז הציונים באנגליא, London, H. Ginzburg Printer, 1907
[Only Ed. - Polemic] R. Joseph Shapotsnick, The Training of Children, חנוך הילדים, London, R. Cohen, 1917