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Title (English)    Kol Oma’ir Kra
Title (Hebrew)    קול אומר קרא
Author    [Only Ed. - Polemic] R. Israel David Schlessinger
City    Rajka
Publication Date    1908
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [1], 8 pp., 220:145 mm., wide margins, usual age staining, unbound as published.
   Rare polemic pamphlet against the Reform movement form previously unpublished writings left over by R. Israel David Margolis. The title page states, See, those who are near, and hear, those who are distant, “a word spoken in due season” (Proverbs 15:23) and its time. Aggada, comely and beautiful, a blessing left over by the gaon, the righteous R. Israel David Margolis Jaffe, av bet din Bazin. It is good to make public these holy writings, which burn like a flame, in order to distance the children of Israel who fear the Lord from the maskilim and the plague of innovators. Not to join or be involved with them in a gathering or assembly in any manner. The title page is dated with the verse, “for my name is in him” ( Exodus 23:21). The text is in a single column in rabbinic type, excepting headers and initial words, whicha re in square letters. R. Israel David ben Mordecai Jaffe -Margoliot, (c. 1802–1864), Hungarian rabbi. Born in Vagszered-Sered Nadvahom, Jaffe-Margoliot was a descendant of both R. Mordecai Jaffe, the author of Levush and R. Judah Loew b. Bezalel (the Maharal) of Prague. His immediate ancestors, leading members of the community in Vienna, were wealthy and on several occasions advanced loans to the royal house. For many years he studied under R. Moses Sofer, and several of the latter's responsa are addressed to him. After his teacher's death R. Jaffe-Margoliot corresponded on halakhah with R. S. B. Sofer, author of the responsa work Ketav Sofer, as well as with R. Moses Schick and R. Judah Assad. While still young, he was appointed dayyan of the community of Senice-Szenc in Slovakia, and in 1832, rabbi and av bet din of the Bazin-Pezinok community in the Bratislava (Pressburg) district. He took a prominent part in the opposition to the Reform movement which was beginning to spread at the time. At the disposal of those demanding Reform were several newspapers (Ben-Chananja of L. Loew, Ha-Karmel of Meiser) in which they propagated their views, while the Orthodox element were able to do so only from the synagogue pulpits. Jaffe's work Meholat ha-Mahanayim (1859) was the first attempt to explain the standpoint of the observant Jews in writing. It is written in an easy, clear style and made a great impression on the moderates in the Reform camp. The author argues that innovations like moving the reading desk from the center of the synagogue to the front of the ark, the prohibition of wearing the kittel during the High Festival services, and introduction of the organ do not justify a schism in Judaism. Nevertheless, it was as a result of these arguments that he unwittingly originated the idea of the schism of Hungarian Jewry which took place a few years later. His other works Yappe'ah la-Kez (2 vols. 1862–88) and Har Tavor (1861) are also on the subject of moving the reading desk. His first work, Hazon la-Mo'ed (1843), in which he discusses the Hilkhot Kiddush ha-Hodesh of Maimonides' Mishneh Torah, reveals his knowledge of astronomy and mathematics.
Paragraph 2    ... [דברי] אגדה ... אשר הניח אחריו ... מה"ו ישראל דוד מרגליות יפה [שלזינגר] ... יפח לקץ על ויקרא. טוב ונאה לגלות דבריו ... כדי להרחיק ... יראי ה' מהמושכלים ומכת החדשים נעאלאגען ... המוציא לאור נכדו [יוסף ב"ר מרדכי שלזינגר] בהרחבת דברים.

בשער הפרט: כי' ש'מ'י' ב'ק'ר'ב'ו' [תר"ף]. התאריך תרס"ח בעמוד האחרון.

   EJ; CD-EPI 0324882
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