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Title (English)    Sefer Zechirah
Title (Hebrew)    זכירה ועניני סגולה
Author    R. Zechariah ben Jacob Simner
City    Lemberg
Publication Date    1849
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   20; 28 ff., 188:106 mm., light age staining. A very good copy bound in modern half cloth boards.
   Segulot and popular remedies by R. Zechariah ben Jacob Simner. Sefer Zechirah is in two parts. On the first title page, dated with the chronogram “Truly [God] is good to Israel אך טוב לישראל (609=1849)” (Psalms 73:1) we are informed that the author searched through both old and new books to find charms and cures and efficacious methods of escaping dangers, enchantments, and other impediments. He also addresses this world and the world to come, bringing supportive tales. R. Simner concludes this with, “I wrote this to save people from dangers and if, God forfend, they do not heed [my words], their blood is on their head.” This edition was brought to press by Moses Hirsch Schreiber. There is an approbation from R. Moses, Av Bet Din, Altona, an introduction from R. Simner, and the text. Many of the entries begin “From the Baal Shem tov” or “Segulah.” The second part contains cures or charms for such issues as Talmud Torah, opening the heart, danger, difficulty in childbirth, mizmorim to be said for an ill person, finding a mate, for male children, yayin nesech, the evil eye, as well as liturgy, and entries concerning Shabbbat and festivals.

R. Zechariah ben Jacob Simner (d. 1715), is also known as Plungian, from the town of Plungian, the old town in the government of Kovno, district of Telshi, Russia.

Paragraph 2    על-פי [רוסיה-פולין ת"ר, בערך], עם ההסכמה. וחלק ב נדפס דף על דף (וכמעט שורה על שורה) על-פי הוצאה זו, עם נוסח השער והפרט שבשוליו (בשינוי "גאולה" ל"גאולי"). בטופס שבאוסף שלום מכורך חלק א עם חלק ב של הוצאת [רוסיה-פולין ת"ר, בערך] [חלק א]: הובא לבית הדפוס במצות והוצאות ... מוה' משה הירש שרייבר יצ"ו, שנת א'ך' ט'ו'ב' ל'י'ש'ר'א'ל' [תר"ט]. כ דף. חלק ב: לפרט ש'נ'ת' ג'א'ו'ל'י' ב'א'ה' לפ"ק[!]. כח דף.
   JE; Vinograd, Lemberg 888; CD-EPI 0179453
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