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Title (English)    Four Karaite titles in one volume
Title (Hebrew)    דד מרדכי; אורח צדיקים; קצור עניין השחיטה; הלכות
Author    [Karaite, Only ed.]
City    Vienna
Publisher    Anton Schmidt
Publication Date    1830
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [4], 15; [1], 17-27; [1], 29-33; [1], 35-36, [1] ff., 225:182 mm., wide margins, printed on blue paper, light age staining. A very good copy bound in modern half cloth and marbled paper boards.
   Dod Mordekhai; Orah Zaddikim; Kizzur Inyan Shehitah; Hilkhot Shehitah by Mordecai ben Nisan; Simhah Isaac ben Moses; Joseph ha-Troki; Israel ha-Ma’aravei respectivly, four Karaite titles printed together, each with its own title page but continuous foliation and signatures. The first title, Dod Mordekhai, is an exposition on Karaism by Mordecai ben Nisan (17th–18th centuries), who defends the antiquity of Karaism (stating that it reaches back into the Second Temple period) and its independence from Sadduceeism, and traces in brief the history of Karaite literature. It was written as a response to an inquiry from Jacob Trigland, professor at Leiden. Mordecai was a Karaite scholar living in Kukizov, near Lvov (Lemberg), Poland. He also wrote Ma’amar Mordekhai, a supercommentary on the Mivhar of Aaron ben Joseph (unpublished); and Levush Malkut, on the differences between the Karaites and the Rabbanites (published by Neubauer). Some of Mordecai’s hymns are included in the official Karaite prayer book.

The second work is Orah Zaddikim by Simhah Isaac ben Moses Luzki (Lucki, d. 1766). It is an abridged history of the Karaites with a biobibliographical compendium of their works. Luzki was a Karaite writer and bibliographer. Born in Lutsk at the close of the 17th century he moved, in about 1751 to Chufut-Kale in the Crimea, where he was appointed head of a bet midrash, holding that position until his death. He was a diligent copyist of early Karaite manuscripts, of which there were many in the Karaite community of Chufut-Kale. He also made a valuable contribution to Karaite literature, writing about 20 works on theology, philosophy, halakhah, Kabbalah, and a book of precepts.

The third work is Kizzur Inyan Shehitah from the book Adderet Eliyahu, by Joseph called me-Linusni ha-Troki. Adderet Eliyahu is the authoritative halakhic compendium of the Karaim, written by Elijah ben Moses Bashyazi (Bashyatchi, c. 1420-90). The final title is Hilkhot Shehitah, written by Israel ha-Ma’aravei in Egypt by the river Pishon in 1306. The volume concludes with an index of the contents.

Paragraph 2    ... והעתק ע"י (שלום בלא"א... זכרי'... למשפחת זונר"י... והיתה השלמתו... ז כסליו דשנת התקו"ם [תקנ"א])...

דף [2]: נוסח המכתב שכתב... יעקב טריגלאנד. דף ט-כז, עם שער מיוחד: ספר אורח צדיקים. כולל באור חלוקת הקראים והרבנים, ובסוף הספר... רשימה מכל ספרי הקראים הנדפסים, ואשר עודם בכתובים. חברו... מו"ה שמחה יצחק בהרב מו"ה משה ז"ל מתושבי ק"ק לוצקי בשנת התקי"ו לב"ע [לבריאת עולם]. דף כח-לג, עם שער מיוחד: קצור עניין השחיטה מספר אדרת אליהו אשר חבר... רבינו אליהו (בשייצי בכ"ר משה) שקצרו... ר' יוסף המכונה מלינווסניי [!] הטרוקי נ"ע באמו"ה כמוהר"ר מרדכי... הטראקי הי"ד. דף לד-לו, עם שער מיוחד: הלכות שחיטה של רבי ישראל המערבי זצ"ל אשר חברם... בעיר קהר"י... בשנת חמשת אלפים וששים וששה שנים לב"ע.

   EJ; Vin Vienna 664, 668, 669, 682; CD-EPI 0149596
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