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Title (English)    Eidut Nemanah
Title (Hebrew)    עדות נאמנה
Author    [First Ed.] R. Samson b. Abraham Sens
City    Dessau
Publication Date    1813
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. [6], 30 ff., 201:164 mm., wide margins, usual light age staining. A very good copy bound in modern cloth boards.
   Tosafot for tractate Eduyyot by R. Samson b. Abraham Sens (late 12th–early 13th century), one of the great French tosafists, known also as Ha-Sar ("the prince") of Sens. He was the brother of R. Isaac b. Abraham (Rizba) and grandson of R. Samson b. Joseph of Falaise, brother-in-law of R. Jacob Tam. In his youth he studied under R. Tam and R. Hayyim ha-Kohen, but his main teacher was R. Isaac b. Samuel of Dampierre. His authority was widely recognized, even beyond France. During the first Maimonidean controversy (1202), the French rabbis were requested to express their views in the dispute between R. Meir Abulafia who attacked Maimonides and R. Aaron b. Meshullam of Lunel who defended him. R. Samson replied on behalf of the French rabbis in lengthy letters. He sharply criticized the Mishneh Torah, describing its defects, and even advising against its study. He particularly opposed Maimonides' view on resurrection. On the other hand, he expressed profound esteem for Maimonides himself, concluding "that the gates of understanding were opened to him, enabling him to see wonders in the divine Torah." However, his attitude did not satisfy the opponents of Maimonides. On a much later occasion (1235), R. Abraham, the son of Maimonides, referring to an unconfirmed report that R. Samson had disagreed with his father, vigorously denied that he had excommunicated him. The extent of R. Samson's ties with Germany is not known. However, his works circulated and were accepted there. R. Isaac of Vienna (see Or Zaru'a, 3 (1887); BK, no. 436) writes of him, "he was unique in his knowledge and his wisdom." He composed tosafot, known as Tosafot Sens, on almost the whole of the Talmud (see Urbach, Tosafot, p. 232 ff. for detailed list). Some of those printed in the standard editions of the Talmud are actually from his pen (RH, Suk., Men., Bek.), while others are the work of his disciples and their disciples (Shab., Er., Yev., Ket., BM, BB). Other collections of tosafot, such as those of R. Touques and of R. Asher b. Jehiel, are based on them. His tosafot on Pesahim were published (1956), others are still in manuscript. His commentary on the mishnayot of Zera'im (excluding Berakhot) and Tohorot (excluding Niddah) is the most important commentary on these orders, and it was made use of by all later commentators, such as R. Asher b. Jehiel and R. Obadiah of Bertinoro. He is known to have written a commentary on Shekalim and Kinnim, which has not come down. R. Jacob of Courson, one of his disciples, collected his responsa and halakhic decisions in a work which has not been preserved. Urbach gives a list of his responsa which are scattered among the works of the halakhic authorities (Tosafot, 264).

At the beginning of the 13th century R. Samson migrated to Erez Israel (Graetz' view that he went with the 300 French rabbis in 1211 is unsupported), and he is therefore sometimes referred to as "of Erez Israel" or "of Jerusalem." Maimonides' son R. Abraham states that they did not meet because R. Samson did not pass through Egypt; he would therefore appear to have sailed direct to Acre. He lived in Jerusalem and Acre, where he died, and was buried at the foot of Mount Carmel. Urbach gives the date of his death as before 1216, but others date it c. 1230.

Paragraph 2    הוא מסכת עדיות עם פי' ישן (כתיבת יד ... משנת תצ"ד) ... מא' מבעלי תוספות הנקרא ר' שמשון בן אברהם משאנזא ... זכני ה' ... להוציא לאור ... גם נלוה עלי' פי' ... הרמב"ם ... גם ספחתי ... שו"ת (שאלה ותשובה) ממני ... יהודא ארי' ליבש במהר"י [יעקב] פרענקעל תאומים מילידי ברעסלויא ומתושבי קראקא. בשנת ב'דרך' עד'ו'ת'י'ך' ששתי' כ'על כל ה'ון' [צ"ל: ה'ו'ן]

דף כח-ל: שאלה ותשובה, "נידון עשיית הגבינות שישראל יושב ורואה לבד ועיקר עשיתם ע"י עכו"ם". בתשובה נכללה תשובה מאת ר' יצחק איצק פרענקל. ר' יעקב משה מליסא כותב בהסכמתו: "אמרי' של רבותינו ... בעלי תוספת ז"ל על מס' עדיות הנקראי' בשם תוס' שאנז שמענו שמעם בפי' המחברי' ... וכעת הנה הנם ... ביד ... מוה' יהודא ליב פרענקל". "תוס' שאנז" אלו של תלמידי ר' שמשון משאנץ (ולא כנאמר בשער "פי' ... ר' שמשון ... משאנזא") נדפסו אחר כך בשם "תוספות שאנץ", בתלמוד בבלי דפוס ווילנא תרמ"ה-תרמ"ו (וההוצאות הבאות). עיין: ח' אלבק, מבוא למשנה, ירושלים-תל אביב תשי"ט, עמ' 246, הערה 13. אולם א"א אורבך, בעלי התוספות, ירושלים תשט"ו, עמ' 511, קובע שתוספות אלו "אינן בכלל תוספות ואין לפירוש זה כל שייכות לר"ש משנץ". הוצאה שנייה של הספר, בלא פירוש הרמב"ם ובהוספות, נדפסה בשם: קבוצת הגאונים על מסכת עדיות, לבוב תקפ"א. הסכמות: ר' יעקב (משה) במהר"י [יעקב משה לורברבוים], ליסא, יז תמוז תקע"ב; דייני ליסא: ר' יהודה ליב בר"מ [משה] קאלישער, ר' (יצחק) אייזק גרשון ב"ר יהודא ור' ישראל ב"ר משה מוורעשנא, יז תמוז תקע"ב; ר' אברהם ב"ר גדלי' [טיקטין], גלוגא, טז תמוז תקע"ב; ר' יהודא ליב ב"ר עקיבא [איגר], הלברשטאדט, י אלול תקע"ב; ר' מאיר ב"ר שמחה ווייל, ברלין, יד מנחם-אב תקע"ב; ר' נחמן אמשטרדאם מקלעטשאווע, גלוגא, יח תמוז תקע"ב; ר' מיכאל שמעון (מייא) ב"ר מיכל מ"ס, ברעסלוי, ערב ראש-חודש תמוז תקע"ב (שמסר למוציא לאור את כתב היד של הספר).

   EJ; CD-EPI 0179262; Urbach, Tosafot, 226–65, 534; S.H. Kook, Iyyunim u-Mehkarim, 2 (1963), 128 ff.
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