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Title (English)    Yam Yissakhar
Title (Hebrew)    ים יששכר
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Issachar Ber ben Judah Lima
City    Metz
Publisher    Joseph Antoine
Publication Date    1769
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [3], 61, 9 ff., 320:195 mm., wide margins, usual age and damp staining, old hand on title. A very good copy bound in later boards, rubbed.
   Only edition of the Tosefta on tractate Bezah with the commentary Yam Yissakhar by R. Issachar Ber ben Judah Lima of Rappoltsweiler. The title page informs that R. Lima was active in several communities in Alsace, France and that this commentary is on tractate Yom Tov, called Bezah, written on two sides; one side the commentary, the other side Yam Yissakhar, which is a detailed pilpul on the sea of the Talmud, on shass, poskim, and at the end halakhic novellae entitled Metzudot Yissakhar. The title page is dated from the verse, “Zebulun, in your going out; and, Issachar, in your tents” (Deuteronomy 33:18). Below is the disclaimer concerning gentiles, that all references to them are to peoples from ancient times who were heathens, which is not the case with contemporary gentiles who are true believers, and for whose welfare we pray on Shabbat and festivals. The title page concludes with the name of the printer Joseph Antoine in French and that he has the imprimatur of the king of France. There are approbations from R. Aryeh Leib Ginsberg and R. Joseph Steinhert of Fuerth and an introduction from R. Lima. At the beginning of the introduction in enlarged letters in an acronym of R. Lima’s name, each word spelling out praise of the Creator. The text is comprised of the Tosefta in the middle of the page in square letters, the commentary in the inner margin, and Yam Yissakhar, which as stated on the title page is indeed lengthy, in the outer margin, the latter two in rabbinic letters. The colophon is unusual in that it in its center is an oval with verses. The volume concludes with Metzudot Yissakhar and an index.

Although the title page credits the work to Joseph Antoine the Metz press was established in 1764 by Antoine and Moses May, the latter being the Jewish printer.

Paragraph 2    הכינו וגם חקרו הרב... יששכר בער נר"ו בן כה' יהודא לימא מרפשוויר, והוא תקע אהלו... בק"ק זולץ ואגפי' במדינת הגמוניא בגליל עליון דמדינת עלזוס... והוא פירש... התוספתא ממסכת... ביצה... משני עבריהם, מצד אחד הוא הפירוש ומצד השני הים יששכר... ובסוף הספר חדושי דינים ונקרא מצודת יששכר...

תוספתא מסכת ביצה עם שני פירושים: "הפירוש הפשוט שהוצאתי מהש"ס ופוסקים" ו"פלפול ארוך בש"ס ופוסקים" בשם "ים יששכר". בגוף הספר חילופי מכתבים עם ר' בנימין שערווילר ועם ר' אורי פייבש ב"ר ליברמן כהן. בסוף: "מצודת יששכר", דינים שחידש המחבר. הסכמות: ר' ארי' ליב [גינצבורג], מיץ, יב אדר תקכ"ח; ר' יוסף משטיינהרט, פיורדא, ל לעומר תקכ"ח.

   Vin Metz 23; CD-EPI 0303629
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