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Title (English)    Tuv Tam
Title (Hebrew)    טוב טעם
Author    R. Mikhael Shalom Winkler, a man of Jerusalem
City    Frankfort am Main
Publisher    J. Kauffmann
Publication Date    1907
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. 38 pp., octavo, 205:135 mm., light age staining, stamps, not bound.
   First edition of this work on the Talmudic principle of the rules of taste in determining the kashrut of an item, that is, tam ke-ikkur, by R. Mikhael Shalom Winkler, a man of Jerusalem. The verso of the title page has a dedication to R. Judah Leib Mintz and R. David Stuck, followed by an approbation from R. Meir Lerner of Altona. There is an introduction which delineates the subject matter, stating that the subject issue is, do we say that there is a prohibition from the Torah, that the taste is the principle, that is, to obligate from the Torah by taste alone when there is no physical presence of the prohibited food. Related to this is the question whether a half-measure (hazi-zait) of permitted can join with half-measure (hazi-zait) of prohibited to obligate from the Torah. On the other hand, perhaps taste is not a Torah based prohibition but a rabbinic ordinance. If its source is in the Torah, how far does the concept of a minimum substance extend and where does the term tam (taste) begin. Also, does the punishment of lashes encompass mixtures or a half-measure. The question is whether it is just a general prohibition, from the Torah, or rabbinic. These prefatory remarks continue with several other isses, all addressed in Tuv Tam. The text is in square letters accompanied by extensive glosses in rabbinic letters. At the end in two columns are the positions of Rashi (Ran), Rambam (Ramban), Rabbenu Tam (Rosh and Tur), and Rabbenu Hannael (Rashaba and Rabad). The bet Eked Sefarim incorrectly attributes Tuv Tam to Berlin, althoutht the title page clearly states Frankfort. The error can be attributed to statement above the place of printing that it was written inb Berlin in 1898 and brought to press in 1907.
Paragraph 2    בו סוגית "טעם כעיקר" ערוכה ומבוארה ... מאת מיכאל שלום איש ירושלים Rabb. Dr. Winckler ...

הסכמות: ר' מאיר לערנער, אלטאנא, ה אדר תרס"ז.

   BE tet 47; CD-EPI 0131772
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