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Title (English)    Ma'amar Ge'ulat Mitsrayim u-Mizvot Tefillin
Title (Hebrew)    מאמר גאולת מצרים ומצות תפלין
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Solomon ben Seligman Pappenheim
City    Breslau
Publisher    Leib Sulzbach
Publication Date    1815
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   Only edition. [6], 35, [1] pp., octavo, 180:110 mm., wide margins, light age staining, blue tint paper. A very good copy bound in later boards.
   On the redemption from Egypt and tefillin by R. Solomon ben Seligman Pappenheim. Published posthumously, Ma'amar Ge’ulat Mitsrayim u-Mizvot Tefillin was brought to press by R. Hirsch Sachs, who writes in the preface that it was in manuscript for twenty years. Publication was for the benefit of Haveret Gadol Yetomim (aid for Orphans). Thre is verse in praise of the author and the text, in a single column in rabbinic type. At the end of the volume is the apologia of the editor, Hirsch ben Shimon Brindersdorf, and the forward in German.

R. Solomon ben Seligman Pappenheim, (1740–1814), dayyan, Hebrew linguist, and poet was born in Zuelz (Germany). His father was associate Rabbi Seligmann Pappenheim of Zülz He himself became associate rabbi and served as a dayyan in Breslau till his death. Although an ardent advocate of the Haskalah, R. Pappenheim opposed religious reforms and David Friedlaender's proposal (1812) that education be entrusted to the government. R. Pappenheim first became known as a linguist in his three-part Yer’'ot Shelomo (1784, 1811, and 1831), a study of synonyms, which appeared in three parts under the title "Yeri'ot Shelomoh" (part i., Dyhernfurth, 1784; part ii., Rödelheim, 1831; part iii., Dyhernfurth, 1811; the fourth part remained unprinted). HisArba' Kosot is an imitation of Young's "Night Thoughts" in poetic prose (Berlin, 1790; Zolkiev, 1805; Vienna, 1809; with additions by M. Lemans, Amsterdam, 1817, and frequently reprinted). During the controversy on the subject of early burial he wrote several works in German favoring the practise among Jews: "Die Frühe Beerdigung bei den Juden" (Breslau, 1795); "Die Nothwendigkeit der Frühen Beerdigung" (ib. 1797); "Deduction Seiner Apologie für die Frühe Beerdigung" (ib. 1798). He opposed David Friedländer's views in "Freymüthige Erklärung über die . . . Kritik des Gottesdienstes der Juden und deren Erziehung der Jugend" (ib. 1813), in which R. Pappenheim holds up to his nation various abuses within and without the Synagogue, declaring "a convention of sensible rabbis for the purpose of remedying these abuses to be highly desirable." Other works by Pappenheim are: "Beiträge zur Berichtigung der Beweise vom Dasein Gottes aus der Reinen Vernunft" (ib. 1794); "Abermaliger Versuch über den Ontologischen Beweis vom Dasein Gottes," etc. (ib. 1800). Of his Hebrew lexicon "Heshek Shelomoh" only one number, on the particles, appeared (Breslau, 1802).

Paragraph 2    חברו הדיין מו"ה שלמה בן... מו"ה זעליגמן פאפענהיים זלה"ה. הובא לדפוס לטובת חברת גדול יתומים ע"י ר' (צבי) הירש זאקס...

מעבר לשער חרוזים לזכר המחבר. עמ' [5-3]: הקדמה מאת המו"ל, צבי הירש במי"ל זאקס. עמ' [6]: חרוזים לזכר המחבר, מאת יש"ע. לשני הטפסים שראינו צורף דף גדול מקופל ובו הקדמה בגרמנית מאת המו"ל. בטופס אחד הודבק הדף בראשו ובשני בסופו.

   EJ; JE; CD-EPI 0314445
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