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Title (English)    Ein Ya’akov
Title (Hebrew)    עין יעקב
Author    [The R. Akiva Eiger Copy]
City    Frankfort am Oder
Publisher    Michel Gottshalk
Publication Date    1729
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   290:204 mm., light age staining, margins trimmed affecting single letters, bound in later half leather boards, rubbed and split.
Paragraph 1    The R. Akiva Eiger copy with his inscription in ink on f. 2.
   Ein Ya’akov printed under the title Ein Yisrael. Ein Ya’akov is the classic collection of aggadah in the Talmud compiled by R. Jacob ben Solomon ibn Habib (c. 1445-c.1515). Ein Ya’akov was among the titles proscribed and burned together with the Talmud after the pope’s bull of August, 1553, and subsequently placed on the Index librorum prohibitorum. The Council of Trent, which permitted the publication of the Talmud in 1564, and certain other works as well, did so by imposing onerous conditions, primarily concerning the expurgation of passages inimical to Christianity, and the substitution of acceptable terms for objectionable ones. Among the other conditions imposed was the prohibition of Hebrew books under their original names. The Talmud, for example, could not be reprinted as such, but could be reissued only if that name were omitted, it now being called shas, and Ein Ya’akov only as Ein Yisrael. Graetz, commenting on this situation, writes, “Strange, indeed, that the pope should have allowed the thing, and forbidden its name! He was afraid of public opinion, which would have considered the contradiction too great between one pope, who had sought out and burnt the Talmud, and the next, who was allowing it to go untouched.”

Ein Ya’akov continued to be published under the name Ein Yisrael in places where Hebrew printing was not restricted by the Inquisition. While many of these imprints may be so named simply because they are copies of earlier editions named Ein Yisrael, those printed in other places, such as this Frankfort a. Main edition, were named Ein Yisrael so that the work might be exported to Italy. Ein Ya'akov remained on the Index librorum prohibitorum until the very end, appearing on the last edition of the Index, issued in 1948.

Paragraph 2    ... כולל ומוסיף על הספר עין יעקב... במצות ובהוצאות... ר' פייבש ... בהמנוח ...ר' אלי' ז"ל חתן... ר' ברוך זצ"ל מק"ק פרנקפורט דאדר... בכמה מעלות טובות ...נדפס ...באותיות אמשטירדם ... [חלק א-ב]. בשנת ציון במשפט ת'פ'ד'ה'

הסכמות: ר' יעקב ב"ר יצחק, פוזנן, טו תמוז תפ"ט; ר' נפתלי הכהן מפראג, גלוגא, ג ראה תפ"ט; ר' יחיאל מיכל ב"ר יהודא ליב "שהיה אב"ד דק"ק ברלין וקהלותינו ק"ק פרנקפורט דאדרה והמדינה ... ונוסח ההסכמה שלו נאבד מאתנו". על-פי ברלין תס"ט. ספירת הדפים כמו בהוצאה זו.

   Graetz, IV p. 589; Heller, 16th Century Book; Slatkine, Shemot ha Sefarim, p. 265; CD-EPI 0119959
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