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Title (English)    Novellae R. Isaac Zerahia Azulai & Son the Hida
Title (Hebrew)    חדושים מרבי יצחק זרחיה אזולאי ובנו החיד'א זצ'ל
Author    [Ms.] Unpublished Autographed Manuscript
City    [Morocco]
Publication Date    1726
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   [10] pp., 161:103 mm. , light age staining, few minor pin size wormholes, ink on paper, Sephardic cursive script, bound in modern cloth boards.
Paragraph 1    NEVER PRINTED! The Hida’s handwritten annotations appear on final line of p. 2v., “Amar ha-Tzair Bno Aharei Ny”k [Neshikat Yad Kadsho] (says his young son after kissing his holy hand); p. 3f., same; p. 3v., same and signed “Hida”.
   Novellae and sermons on Parshath Behalotha by R. Raphael Isaac Zerahia Azulai, with marginal handwritten comments, annotations and signature by his son R. Hayyim Joseph David Azulai – the Hida.

R. Raphael Isaac Zerahia b. Abraham Azulai (1702-1765), born in Hebron, kabbalist, reputation as a wonder-worker, and served as Dayan (Jewish judge) in Jerusalem. There is extant a manuscript pamphlet by him in which each of the letters of the books of Ecclesiastes and Ruth is turned into a word. It was written in 1652 and echoes the controversy over the Hebron rabbinate which took place at that time. R. Hayyim Joseph David Azulai mentions his Zera Yizhak, which is no longer extant. He also wrote Segullot Nehmadot (of which fragments are in the Benayahu collection). He was the teacher of Israel Ze'evi, his sister's son, later rabbi of Hebron. He died in Constantinople while on a visit there as an emissary.

R. Hayyim Joseph David Azulai (known by his Hebrew acronym HIDA, 1724–1806), halakhist, kabbalist, emissary, and bibliographer. The Hida was born in Jerusalem; he was descended on his father's side from a prominent family of rabbis and kabbalists from Spain while his mother was a daughter of Joseph Bialer who had gone to Erez Israel with R. Judah Hasid in 1770. He studied under some of the outstanding Jewish scholars of his age including R. Jonah Navon, R. Isaac ha-Kohen Rapoport, and R. Hayyim ibn Attar. R. Azulai attained early eminence in Jewish studies and was regarded by the Jewry of the Ottoman Empire and of Italy as the leading scholar of his generation. He was highly esteemed, too, by the Jews of Germany, especially after the publication of his works.

Possessed of great intellectual powers and many-faceted talents, he combined a religious and mystical ardor with an insatiable intellectual curiosity. Added to these were critical ability, a facile pen, and a boundless capacity for work. He spent most of his active years traveling abroad as an emissary of the communities of Erez Israel for the collection of funds for the upkeep of the academies and scholars. He ended his mission in 1778 in Leghorn, where he spent the rest of his life. Many stories are related of the wonders and miracles he performed. Pilgrimages were made to his tomb at Leghorn until 1960, thereafter in Jerusalem where his remains were reinterred.

Paragraph 2    כתב יד קודש חידושים ודרושים בכתב יד קודש של רבי יצחק זרחיה אזולאי זצוק"ל [תס"ב תקכ"ה] אביו של הרב החיד"א זצוק"ל. עם הגהות בכתב יד, וחתימה, מבנו מרן החיד"א.

דף א'-א: "דרוש לפ' בהעלותך יחסי"ון [יח סיון] בצל כנפיך מש' [משנת] הבה תמי"ם"

דף ב'-ב' = הערה בכת"י של החיד"א: "אמר הצעיר בנו אחרי ני"ק [נשיקת יד קדשו]"

דף ג'-א' = הערה נוספה של החיד"א: "אחרי ני"ק [נשיקת יד קדשו]לק"מ [לא קשה מידי]"

דף ג'-ב' = 5 שורות לפני סוף העמוד: "והנה רבינו הגדול כמוהרא"י ז"ל היה מתרץ." הוא רבינו אברהם יצחקי, רבו של רבי יצחק זרחיה אזלואי.

שם למטה = הערה נוספת מהחיד"א: "אמר הצעיר בנו… ומה שהק' א"מ [אבי מורי] זלה"ה עליו לק"מ [לא קשה מידי]. חיד"א"

דף ה'-א' = "יום ג' ד' אייר תפ"ח, מפי הרב הגדול כמהרי"ז". הוא רבינו ישראל זאבי בעמח"ס "אורים גדולים" קרובו של רי"ז אזולאי.

דף ה'-ב' = חרוזים ופתיחה להספד, בתוך הדברים רמז את שמות "ויצא 'יצחק' לשוח בשולי הצער הגדול הזה…"

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