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Title (English)    Ha-Holetz; Menahem Zion; Gr:a on Mishlei
Title (Hebrew)    החולץ: מנחם ציון: משלי עם ביאר אליהו מוולנא
Author    [Only Ed. - Polemic] R. Moses Aryeh Leib Harmelin
City    Lvov - Lublin - Vilna
Publisher    Kugel, Lewin; Eliezer Lippman
Publication Date    1861-83
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. 214, 4; 64 (lacking t. p.); 98 ff., octavo, 168:110 mm., nice margins, light age staining. A good copy bound in modern cloth boards, rubbed.
   Three independent works bound together. The first title, Ha-Holetz, is discourses that were, according to the title page, part of a larger work, Magen ha-Daat, by R. Moses Aryeh Leib ben Meir Harmelin. The title page describes its purpose as removing לחלץ the leprous stones from the house of Jacob, that is, the pioneers החלוץ who blaspheme our holy religion. To cast them out, far from the camp of Israel, to a place, “that no man passed through” (Jeremiah 2:6), and not the way of the son of man. The text is comprised of discourses in support of this position and concludes with errata.

The second work, Menahem Zion, is a commentary on the Torah, festivals, and parts of Isaiah and Psalms by R. Menahem Mendel Panet, perhaps the son of R. Ezekiel ben Joseph Panet (1783–1845). The author was the founder of the Dej Hasidic dynasty. Menahem Zion is a literal commentary in the manner of hassidut on the subject matters noted above.

The third work is the classic commentary on Proverbs by R. Elijah ben Solomon Zalman of Vilna (Vilna Gaon, Gra, 1720-97) on Proverbs. The Gaon is a dominant figure in Jewish intellectual thought, his importance and prestige undiminished, as great today, if not greater, than in his own time. The Vilna Gaon’s extraordinary intelligence, expressed by his expertise in Torah at the age of three, outdistancing his tutors while a young child, his incredible proficiency over the entire expanse of the written and Oral Torah by nine, by which time he was already studying Kabbalah, accompanied by complete piety, are attested to by numerous reputable sources. More than seventy works, encompassing Bible, halakhah, Talmud, and Kabbalah, are attributed to the Vilna Gaon.

Paragraph 2    החולץחלק מספרי הכולל "מגן הדת"< לחלץ מבית יעקב את אבני הנגע - הם המה דברי החלוץ [של יהושע השיל שור] המחרף את דת קדשנו ... [מאת משה אריה ליב הארמולין] ...

על השער: תרי"ב. אולם מעבר לשער אומר המחבר: "זה לי כעשר שנים מעת כתבתי מחברת זאת ואחר עד עתה". עמ' ג-ה, [1]: מליצת אחד אוהבי המחבר. חתום: אחיך הבכו"ר [ב'רוך כ'הן ו'ר'בער מבראדי]. ביקורת חריפה על מאמריהם של יה"ש [יהושע השיל שור] ואב"ן [אברהם בן נחמן הכהן קראכמאל] בחקירת המשנה והתלמוד שנתפרסמו ב"החלוץ", שנה א, לבוב תרי"ב.

   BE het 296; mem 2278
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