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Title (English)    Ayin ha-Mayyim
Title (Hebrew)    עין המים
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Abraham Dov Flam
City    Lublin
Publisher    Jacob Hirschenhern & Moses Schenidmeiser
Publication Date    1872
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 67, [1] pp., octavo, 179:110 mm., usual heavy age staining, loose in later boards.
   Eulogy for R. Dov Berush ben Isaac Meisels by R. Abraham Dov ben David Flam. There are two title pages, which state that it is, “a grievous mourning” (Genesis 50:11) on the death of the gaon R. Meisels, av bet din Warsaw. He was eulogized by R. Abraham Dov Berush Flam in the great Bet Midrash of Lublin on 20 Adar Rishon [5]630 (February 21, 1870). Published with the eulogy are novellae on the subject of mourning by R. Jacob Dubno, the famed Dubno maggid. Ayin ha-Mayyim was brought to press by R. Naphtali of Minsk.

R. Dov Berush ben Isaac Meisels was a Polish rabbi and statesman; born in Szezekoeiny about 1800; died in Warsaw March 17, 1870. He was a scion of one of the oldest families in Cracow, and was brought up in Kamenetz, Podolia, where his father (d. 1832) was rabbi. After marrying the daughter of the wealthy Solomon Bornstein of Wielicka, he settled as a banker in Cracow, of which city he became rabbi in 1832. He occupied the rabbinate for nearly a quarter of a century, but was not recognized by the entire community, a considerable part of which adhered to his opponent, R. Saul Landau. R. Meisels always took a conspicuous part in the civic life of his place of residence; and in the stormy times of 1846 he was chosen one of the twelve senators of Cracow. In 1848 he was elected, with the aid of Catholic votes, to represent the city in the provisional Austrian Reichsrath, meeting at Kremsier. He took his seat among the radicals, and when the president expressed his surprise at seeing a rabbi seated on the "left," R. Meisels gave the reply: "Juden haben keine Rechte" (Jews have no right!).

In 1856 R. Meisels became rabbi of Warsaw, where he soon gained the respect and confidence of the entire population. In 1861, during the riots and excesses which preceded the outbreak of the second Polish insurrection, he did everything in his power to induce the Jews to sympathize with the cause of Poland. He accompanied the Archbishop of Warsaw to the funeral of the victims of the first outbreak and marched together with Father Wyszynski at the head of a delegation to the city hall. Later he was appointed by the Russian vice-regent a member of the provisional municipal council of Warsaw; but he remained loyal to the cause of the Polish patriots, thereby, it is believed, preventing massacres of Jews which some Polish leaders had planned and which the Russian government was not anxious to avert ("Allg. Zeit. des Jud." 1861, p. 227). Late in 1861 R. Meisels, together with Dr. M. Jastrow, was arrested and thrown into prison; after several months' confinement both were expelled from the country.

R. Meisels was invited to settle in London; but in 1862 he was permitted to return to Warsaw, where he remained until his death. R. Meisels was the author of novelae on the "Sefer ha-Mizvot" of Maimonides, which appeared together with the text as "Hiddushe MaHaRDaM" (Warsaw, 1870). One of his sons, R. Israel Meisels, was dayyan in Cracow and rabbi of Siedlce, Poland, from 1858 to 1867. He died in Cracow Nov. 17, 1875, aged 58 ("Ha-Maggid," xix. 407). Another son, Solomon Meisels, was living in Vienna in 1871.

Paragraph 2    ...אבל... ומספד... על מות... מוה' דובערוש מייזלש ז"ל. האב"ד דק"ק ווארשא... ויקונן עליו... מוה' אברהם בערוש (פלאהם) נ"י (מ"מ דפה) את הקינה הזאת בבהמ"ד הגדול דפה... לובלין. יום ב ך אדר ראשון שנת תר"ל... גם נדפסו פה חדושים מעניני דהספידא מאת מו"ר... יעקב [קראנץ] דובנא זצוק"ל. אשר המה בכתובים... נדפס בהוצאות... ר' נפתלי משכיל לאיתן נ"י ממינסק דליטא...
   BE ayin 503; JE; CD-EPI 0158336
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