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Title (English)    Toledot Avraham
Title (Hebrew)    תולדות אברהם
Author    [First Ed.] R. Abraham Broda
City    Feurth
Publisher    Itzik Buchbinder
Publication Date    1769
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. [4], 50, 52-61 ff., 216:171 mm., usual age staining, wide margins. A good copy loose in later boards.
   Novellae to Kiddushin and Ketubbot (incomplete) by R. Abraham b. Saul Broda (d. 1717), rabbi and halakhic authority. Broda was born in Bunzlau (Bohemia) and served as rabbi in Lichtenstadt and in Raudnitz. In 1693 he was appointed head of a yeshivah in Prague but left after a dispute with other rabbis of the city. In 1709 he was appointed rabbi of Metz, and in 1713 of Frankfort, where he remained until his death. In these last two cities he established yeshivot which attracted many students. In his approbation to Eshel Avraham, Jonathan Eybeschuetz paid tribute to Broda's contribution to education and teaching: "He was remarkably successful in learning, teaching, and disseminating Torah, and most contemporary scholars of renown were his disciples. Among his outstanding students were Nethanel Weil, Jonah Landsofer, and Samuel Helman of Metz. His novellae were noted by his students, who quoted them in their works, or published them together with their own works. Broda's most important work is Eshel Avraham (1747), novellae on the tractates Pesahim, Hullin, and Bava Batra. This reveals his erudition, keen intellect, and methodical treatment of the subject matter. The first part, Hiddushei Halakhot, summarizes each topic on the basis of the Talmud and its commentaries, and the second, Hiddushei Posekim, deals with halakhic rulings which derive from these sources. Other works by Broda are Hiddushei Ge'onim (Offenbach, 1723), on Bava Kamma, Bava Mezia, and Sanhedrin; Hiddushei Hilkhot Gittin (Wandsbeck, 1731), published by his disciple, Jonathan b. Isaac ha-Levi; Toledot Avraham (Fuerth, 1769), novellae to Kiddushin and Ketubbot (incomplete). Israel Isserl b. Isaac ha-Levi (beginning of 18th century), a disciple of Broda, published Asefat Hakhamim (1722), which included novellae by Broda. In a takkanah of 1715, Broda deals with the question of modesty, warns against extravagant festivities, and pleads for abstention from extravagance and forbidden foods.
Paragraph 2    מאא"ז ... ר' אברהם ברודא זצ"ל שהי' אב"ד ור"מ ... בק"ק פראג. ומשם נתקבל לק"ק מיץ ואח"כ בעיר ... פ"פ דמיין ... אשר חלק מחכמתו ליריאיו בחדושי הו"ת [הלכה ותוספות] על מס' קידושין וכתובות ... ואף שקצת מן חידושי' האלה כבר נדפסו בספרים אחרים ... יש הפרש גדול ביניהם ... ונתחבר עוד לאוהל ... ספר כתנת יוסף מא"א ... ר' יוסף משה ברעסלא זצ"ל חתן הגאון המחבר ... שהי' אב"ד ור"מ בק"ק באמבערג ... והוא דרש וביאר את התורה מבראשית ועד גמירא ... גם איזה דרשי' על כל י"ט והרבה מהן מן חמיו הרב הנ"ל ... גם קצת הו"ת על מ"ס כתובות [בתוך תולדות אברהם] ומ"ס גיטין כל אלה חוברו יחדיו והובא לדפוס ע"י נכד של ... המחבר ספר תולדות אברהם ובן של המחבר ספר כתנת יוסף ... (אברהם בן ... ר' יוסף זצ"ל ה"ה מק"ק מילהוזין).
   CD-EPI 0113978; EJ
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