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Title (English)    Kesai Shelomo; Kesot le-Mishpat; Yagal Ya’akov
Title (Hebrew)    כסא שלמה; כסאות למשפט; יגל יעקב
Author    [Only Ed.]
City    Jerusalem - Aleppo
Publisher    Zukerman; Schoenbaum
Publication Date    1900;03;06
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only editions. [3], 38; [4], 81; quarto 205:140 mm. , nice margins, light age staining. Very good copies bound in later boards.
   Three independent works, all printed in Jerusalem. They are:

Kesai Shelomo, responsa by R. Raphael Solomon Laniado. R. Laniado (d. 1793) was a halakhic authority. Born in Aleppo, R. Laniado was rabbi there from 1740 until his death. He was noted for his firmness that left no place for compromise. In the 1760s he was the cause of a stormy controversy within the Jewish community of Aleppo, when he sought to impose the authority of the rabbis and the local community customs on the Francos. Led by R. Judah b. Yom-Tov Kazin, the other rabbis of the town opposed him realizing that such a demand would be harmful. This controversy continued over several years, and it is uncertain when it came to an end. Laniado's works include: Beit Dino shel Shelomo ("Tribunal of Solomon," Constantinople, 1775), responsa; Lehem Shelomo ("The Bread of Solomon," ibid, 1775), various innovations in halakhah; Ha-Ma'alot li-Shelomo ("Degrees of Solomon," ibid, 1775), homiletics; and Kisse Shelomo ("The Throne of Solomon," Jerusalem, 1901). Some of his responsa were also published in Ro'ei Yisrael ("Shepherds of Israel," Jerusalem, 1904).

Kesot le-Mishpat, three discourses and responsa by R. Ben Zion ben Moses Alkali (1858-1913) of Rabat. Kesot le-Mishpat has approbations from R. Elijah ben David Rabbinowitz-Teomim, R. Hayyim Hizkiyahu, and R. Jacob Saul Eliyashar.

Yagal Ya’akov, discourses on the weekly Torah portion by R. Jacob Hayyim Isaac Elijah (1869-1939) of Baghdad. The verso of the title page has a detailed depiction of the menorah with small vignettes in each light, and that the base a vignette of Jerusalem in the center and at each side different depictions of the luhot and below them additional small illustrations. There is an approbation from R. Jacob Saul Eliyashar. A prolific writer, and one of the leading decisors of the twentieth century, the title page notes only his Kol Ya’akov and Kaf ha-Hayyim. The latter, a multi-volume work, is a detailed and highly authoritative work on Orah Hayyim and parts of Yoreh Deah, and accepted throughout the Jewish world.

Paragraph 2    ... כסא שלמה שו"ת... חלק ראשון... להרב... רפאל שלמה לנייאדו זצלה"ה... [הביא לבית הדפוס] שלום הדאיה...

...כסאות למשפט שלשה שערים ... א' ... לדון דין אמת לאמיתו ... חשן המשפט על לבו ... ב' ... חוצב להבות ... והוכה בשער, שקראי ושקרוראי וזייפנא ומצלי דינא ... ג' ... כל הלכות דיינים ושלשה פסקי דינים ... חברתיו בעה"ק ... חברון ... ן' ציון אלקלעי ס"ט ...

עם הסכמות ר' אליהו דוד ראבינאוויץ-תאומים ור' חיים חזקיאו מדיני , חברון, אלול תרס"ג; ר' יעקב שאול אלישר, ירושלים, אלול תרס"ג.

יגל יעקב דרושים (על התורה [לפי סדר הפרשיות]... אגדה ומוסר וגם... פרד"ס... קצת [חידושים] מסיום המסכתות [בסוף הספר])... אשר ... דרש... ר' יעקב חיים[ב"ר] יצחק (ברוך) אליהו...

החידושים לסיום המסכתות נדפסו אחר-כך גם בספרו "חיים עד העולם", ירושלם תרפ"א. הסכמה: ר' יעקב שאול אלישר, ירושלים, כה תמוז תרס"ו.

   BE caf 414, 416, yod 50; EJ; CD-EPI 0142283; 0120829; 0153585
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