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Title (English)    Kohelet David ha-Efrati
Title (Hebrew)    קהלת דוד האפרתי
Author    [Only Ed.] R. David Tevele ben Abraham Ephrati
City    Berlin
Publisher    Zevi Hirsch Itzkoviski
Publication Date    1884
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 8, 5-68 pp. Octavo 180:120 mm., age stained, chipping, loose in contemporary boards.
   Only edition of this commentary on Kohelet by R. David Tevele ben Abraham Ephrati. The title page describes it as being an ethical work explaining Kohelet in a concise manner with light philosophical content, resolving apparent contradictions, and making difficult terms clear, all in a pure and clear Hebrew. There is a list of the works written by R. Ephrati. Kohelet David ha-Efrati was brought to press by a grandson of the author’s sister, R. Aryeh Leib Eliezer ha-Kohen Lemani, entitled Kodash Halulim. Next is a preface from R. Lemani, followed by Kohelet David ha-Efrati.

R. David Tevele ben Abraham Ephrati (1849–1884), talmudic scholar. Born in Merits (near Vilna), he showed exceptional talent as a child and at the age of 14 had already written his Daltot Zahav on the Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim and Yoreh De'ah. At 15, his articles and studies began to appear in the periodical Ha-Levanon, and he continued to write regularly. At the age of 22 he wrote a halakhic work, Migdal David. Ephrati was one of the most active leaders of the Hibbat Zion movement, and was on intimate terms with Elijah Guttmacher and Zevi Hirsch Kalischer. In 1873 he was sentenced to a year's imprisonment for his Zionist activities. He refused invitations to rabbinic posts and, from 1868 lived alternately in Mogilev and Gorodok, later moving to Vitebsk where he engaged in business. Toward the end of his life he moved to Berlin, where he became friendly with Azriel Hildesheimer. He died in Frankfort on the Main. Ephrati was also the author of Toledot Anshei Shem (1875), biographical sketches of great Jewish scholars, with an appendix, Divrei David, consisting of homilies and novellae; this work is of considerable historical importance. Other works are: Yad David (1880), halakhah and aggadah; Matta Efrati (1882), novellae and responsa; Sha'ar ha-Zekenim (1884), a collection of manuscripts of early authorities with his own commentary, Mevo Efrati. Ephrati was also editor of a monthly periodical called Ez Hayyim. Many of his works have remained unpublished.

Paragraph 2    ביאור ... דברי הקהלת בדרך קצרה ... בענין ההשגחה והידיעה ופילוסופיא ... מידי ... ר' דוד טעבלי האפרתי שליט"א מוויטעפסק ... בנו של ... ר' אברהם האפרתי ... זי"ע. יוצא לאור ע"י נכד אחות הגאון המחבר ... יצחק באאמו"ר ... ארי'> ליב <אליעזר הכהן לימאני. מהוראדנא

עמ' [ג]-ה: "קדש הלולים" [הקדמה], מאת המביא לבית הדפוס. עמ' ו-ח: יען כי דודי ... המחבר ... לרגל מחלתו ... יושב ושואב ממעיני הישועה ליפפשפרינגע ... הנני מציג בזה מכתבי תפלה ותחנה מגאוני ... ישראל ... הממליצים בעדו ... מתוך "ספר שער הזקנים". עיין להלן מס'. עמ' [ה]: בחרתי לי להפיץ ביאורי על הקהלת ... למען יתפרסם הנני שותלו גם בעץ החיים ענף הדרוש ... הנקרא ... הגיון אפרתי. רוב הספר (עמ' [ה]-ס) חזר ונדפס באותו סדר אך בעימוד שונה, בתוך "קובץ עץ החיים", חלק שני, "הגיון אפרתי", דף א-י. עמ' נז-סו: יחש אבותי ... בקצרה. עמ' סו-סח: מכתב למחבר, מאת ר' יעקב שור, דארנא, יז סיון תרמ"ד.

   BE kof 187; EJ; CD-EPI 0121363
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