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Title (English)    Yalkut Ha- Makhiri on Isaiah
Title (Hebrew)    ילקוט המכירי על ישעיהו
Author    [First Ed.] R. Machir (Makhir) b. Abba Mari
City    Berlin
Publisher    Zevi Hirsch Itzkoviski
Publication Date    1893
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   First (only) edition. xxx, 258, vii pp., octavo, 230:145 mm., nice margins, usual age tsaining. A very good copy bound in contemporary cloth boards.
   First (only) edition of this anthology of aggadic Midrashim prepared by R. Machir ben Abba Mari. Yalkut Ha-Machiri was published from a unique manuscript in the library of Leyden J. Spira. The text is preceded by a dedication to Moses Gaster brief introduction and lengthy scholarly annotations, both by Spira. Yalkut Ha-Makhiri on the lines of the Yalkut Shimoni but more limited in scope, includes quotations from many sources: the tannaitic and amoraic literature and many of the homiletical Midrashim. The sources are usually given, though sometimes merely "Midrash" or "Midrash Aggadah" is stated; also, the quotations are not always to be found in the existing editions of the sources indicated. Machir is usually exact in giving the actual language of his sources, and as he had many manuscripts (apparently of Sephardi origin) before him, his work is often a basis for restoring the correct reading. There is no information about Machir or the period when the Yalkut was compiled. The author traces his ancestry back six generations, but these ancestors cannot be identified. The colophon to the Leiden manuscript states that it was sold in 1415, thus determining the latest possible date the work was compiled. Most scholars attribute it to the 14th century, but Gaster was of the opinion that it was compiled in the 12th century, apparently in Spain, and assumed that the author of part two of the Yalkut Shimoni, who according to Gaster lived in the 14th century in Spain, made use of the Yalkut (ha-) Makhiri, abridging and summarizing it. This theory has, however, been disproved by Epstein. Both Epstein and Buber claim correctly that neither anthologist knew the other and point out that they differ in their method of citing sources, that each of them cites Midrashim unknown to the other, and that certain Midrashim were known to them under different names. That it was compiled in Provence, the generally accepted opinion, merely because the name Machir was known there, is not supported by internal evidence or by the local dialects. On the contrary, Machir's use of a Deuteronomy Rabbah (published by S. Lieberman, 1940, 1965) which was known only in Spain.

At the end of the book is an English title page, dedication, and brief overview of the Yakut. Reference Description

Paragraph 2    מאת... רבי מכיר בן אבא מרי ז"ל. היה טמיר... בעיר ליידען... הוצאתיו לאור פעם ראשונה והוספתי עליו ציונים ומראה מקומות... והערות והגהות... הצעיר יהודה זאב כהנא שפירא... בשנת כ'ה' ת'ב'ר'כ'ו' [תרנ"ג!]

VII עמ': הקדמה ושער נוסף באנגלית:

The Yalkut on Isaiah of Machir B. Abba Mari... edited for the first time from an unique ms. of the library of Leyden and annotated by J. Spira...

   BE yod 633; EJ; JE; CD-EPI 0148341
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