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Title (English)    Sefer Tehillim
Title (Hebrew)    ספר תהלים
Author    [Hasidim - Psalms - Signed]R. Eliezer Zevi Safrin
City    Uzhgorod
Publisher    Moses Simha Gelis
Publication Date    1926
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. 16, 263, [1] pp., 238:158 mm., wide margins many unopened, usual age and use staining, old hand on title. A good copy bound not bound
Paragraph 1    With dedication inscription by the publisher and Author's grandson R. Hayyim Jacob Safrin (1891-1969), Rebbe of Komorno in Jerusalem.
   Psalms with the Kabbalistic and Hasidic commentary of the Komarno Rebbe, R. Eliezer Zevi Safrin (1830-1898). R. Eliezer Zevi was born in Z'ydaczow to the son of the founder of the dynasty, R. Isaac Judah Jehiel Safrin (1806–1874) and includes many of his teachings in the commentary. His father maintained the idea of constant devekut ("devotion to G-d") which is integrated into the pattern of man's life even in acts performed merely for his survival. According to R. Safrin, devekut is a state of constant dialectic tension between the ego (Ani) and the divine mystic nothingness (Ayin). While aiming at self-denial and lack of consciousness, at the same time, one remains conscious of one's own identity and self. "Every man must be in the aspect of Ayin... and there [in the aspect of Ayin] at every moment the aspects of Ayin and Ani become one" (Nozer Hesed, 2 (1856).

The recital of the whole Book of Psalms is widespread, whether as an act of piety by saintly individuals, or by groups of unlearned people. For this purpose "societies of reciters of Psalms" (hevrot tehillim) were and continue to be formed, and in recent times a special society has been formed in Jerusalem whereby two separate groups recite the whole Book of Psalms daily at the Western Wall. The Psalms are included in their entirety in all large prayer books.

Paragraph 2    עם פירוש בן ביתי... בדרכי החסידות... רמזים וגמטריאות... [מאת] אדמו"ר הרב... אליעזר צבי סאפרין זצלה"ה מקאמראנא, וגם דברים... מכבוד אביו... מו"ה יצחק יהודא יחיאל מקאמרנא זלה"ה, אשר כתב בגליון ספר תהלים שלו... ומסומנים באותיות נ"ב או נכתב בגליון... הוצאתי לאור... אני נכדם... חיים יעקב סאפרין מק"ק אונגוואר...

שני שערים. השער הראשון מקוצר, חלקו נדפס בדיו אדומה. מעבר לשער השני דברי המו"ל המודה לר' אשר אנשיל גרינוואלד שעסק בסידור הספר ובהגהתו. עמ' ח-יב: "מגילת יוחסין" (למשפחת ספרין), "נעשה בהוספת הרבה דברים ע"י... מו"ה חיים דוב גראס... ממונקאטש". הסכמה: ר' יעקב משה סאפרין, קאמרנא, יום ב נצבים תרפ"ו.

   CD-EPI 0309125; EJ; A. A. Zis (ed.), "Shoshelet ha-Kodesh -Toledot Zidachov Komarna," in: Shulhan ha-Tahor, 2 (1965); H. J. Berl, Yizhak Eizik mi-Komarna (1943); L. H. Grosman, Shem u-She'erit (1943), 28–30
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