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Title (English)    Pitron Halomot (Interpretation of Dreams)
Title (Hebrew)    פתרון חלומות
Author    R. Solomon ben Jacob Almoli
City    Venice
Publisher    Pietro, Lorenzo Bragadin
Publication Date    1622
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   24 ff., 140:93 mm., nice margins, light age staining, final few ff. clipped in upper margin affecting letters expetly repaired. A good copy bound in contemporary half vellum and marbled paper boards.
   Classification of dreams by categories and rules for their interpretation. The work was originally published as Mefasher Helmin (Salonika, c. 1515) and often republished under its Hebrew title Pitron Halomot and translated into Yiddish (Amsterdam, 1694).

R. Solomon ben Jacob Almoli (before 1485–after 1542), grammarian, physician, philosopher, and kabbalist. Probably born in Spain, Almoli passed his early years in Salonika, but before 1515 settled in Constantinople, where he spent the rest of his life, serving as a dayyan and rabbi of one of the congregations there. Almoli devoted himself to the study of science and medicine, earning his livelihood from the latter, and serving, as it seems, as physician to the sultan. Few biographical details are known of his life except that it was marked by want and poverty. Having conceived the idea of compiling a general encyclopedia, he launched his undertaking enthusiastically, though fully aware that the work would take many years to complete and that large sums of money would be required for an adequate reference library. He was encouraged by the hope that others would take up his work in the event of his failing to complete it, but the scholars of Constantinople reacted disparagingly and rejected the plan. Almoli was also unsuccessful in his attempt to recruit a group of trainees for his work. He did, however, publish a small pamphlet of 24 pages under the title Me'assef le-Khol ha-Mahanot (Constantinople, c. 1531), a prospectus of the proposed encyclopedia. The fate of the project is unknown. Also included is his Sha'ar ha-Shem he-Hadash (Constantinople, 1533), which he describes as being "the first section of the large book which deals with all matters of faiths." In it he treats the existence of G-d, His attributes and essence, according to the Kabbalah and philosophy. He states that "wonderful secrets and explanations, hitherto unrevealed" (p. 13a) have been disclosed to him. With one exception, all Almoli's other works are mere prolegomena to larger works which he contemplated. His other publications are: Halikhot Sheva (Constantinople, c. 1520), according to Almoli, the introduction to a larger projected work on the science of Hebrew grammar. This is an original study, including rules for the pointing of the vowel e; under differing circumstances. The first part begins with general comments on the relationship between the sheva and the other vowels, which are significant guidelines for the history of the science of the Hebrew language. In the second part, the sheva is classified by categories. The third part deals with the different forms of the noun. Almoli cites various opinions as to the alternate pronunciations of the sheva na ("mobile") and gives his own analysis of it as a third type of vowel, having its place midway between the short vowels and the sheva nah ("quiescent"). Iggeret ha-Purim is mentioned in Halikhot Sheva and is probably a treatise on the Scroll of Esther. Sha'ar ha-Yesod (Constantinople, 1536) deals with the roots of Hebrew words. This book is not extant, except for the title page. Almoli was also instrumental in the publication of books on language and vocalization by other authors. Almoli also composed poems which were published in his own books and in those he edited.

Paragraph 2    מהרב הגאון רבינו האי ז"ל. ויוסף הצדיק ודניאל איש חמודות ורש"י ז"ל וחכמים אחרים. נדפס לבקשת הבחור ... ר' מנחם בכה"ר דוד טרינקי ...

דף כג,א: אלו הם הימים בחדש לדעת אם טוב החלום אם לאו. דף כג,ב כד,א: ספר הרפפות. שני החיבורם נדפסו תחילה בספר פתרון חלומות שחבר ... רבינו האיי, רומי ש"ז; פירארא שי"ב. דף כד,ב: דברי-סיום מאת המהדיר מנחם טרינקי. הועתקו, בשינויים ובהשמטות, מתוך הקדמת ר' שלמה אלמולי לחלק ב מספרו. עי': אהרן גרינבאום, 'פתרון חלומות', קורות ומקורות - ארשת, ד, תשכו, עמ' 185-184. ואף גוף הספר "סדר פתרון חלומות" אינו אלא החלק השני מספרו של אלמולי, מפשר חלמין, שלוניקי [רע"ה בערך], בהשמטות ובעילום שמו. ועי': יצחק יודלוב, "פתרון חלומות" לרב האי גאון, עלי ספר , ו-ז, תשל"ט, עמ' 111.

   CD-EPI 0176840; EJ; JE
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