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Title (English)    Melekhet ha-Shir
Title (Hebrew)    מלאכת השיר
Author    [Only Ed.] Abraham (Adolf) ben Jacob Neubauer
City    Frankfort am Main
Publisher    H. L. Broenner
Publication Date    1865
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. iv, 64, [1] pp., octavo, 174:105 mm., wide margins, light age staining, stamps. A very good copy bound in modern boards.
   Only edition of this collection of extracts from manuscripts relating to the principles of medieval Hebrew poetry by Abraham (Adolf) ben Jacob Neubauer. The text, divided into six chapters, is organized by type of versification. An important and rare work on little, and in some cases unknown, examples of early Hebrew verse.

Abraham (Adolf) ben Jacob Neubauer (1831–1907) was a scholar, author, librarian, and bibliographer. Born in Nagybanya, Hungary, Neubauer studied in Prague with S. J. L. Rapaport and at the universities of Prague and Munich. In 1857 he went to Paris, where he pursued research at the BibliothIque Nationale, and in 1864 to Jerusalem as a member of the staff of the Austro-Hungarian consulate. There, too, he sought out rare Hebrew books and manuscripts, discovering in the Karaite synagogue a manuscript of extracts from the lexicon of David b. Abraham of Fez (15th century) which he published in the Journal Asiatique in 1861–62. Returning to Paris, he was befriended by the orientalists S. Munk, J. Derenbourg, and E. Renan. Invited to St. Petersburg in 1864 to examine the Firkovich collection of Karaite manuscripts, Neubauer wrote a report for the French Ministry of Education (Rapports... (1865) with S. Munk) and published Aus der Petersburger Bibliothek, Beitraege und Dokumente zur Geschichte des Karaeerthums und der karaeischen Literatur (1866). He presented his prize-winning essay La GMographie du Talmud (1868) to the Academic des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres which in spite of some criticism (J. Morgenstern, Die franzoesische Akademie und die "GMographie des Talmuds," 18702) has remained an important reference book. His Notice sur la lexicographie hebrasque... (1863), foreshadowing his edition of Jonah ibn Janah's Sefer ha-Dikduk (1875, 19682), with additions and corrections by W. Bacher.

In 1865 Neubauer settled in England, becoming librarian at the Bodleian Library, Oxford (1868), which he enriched by judicious purchases, particularly from the Cairo Genizah; in 1884 he was appointed reader in rabbinic Hebrew at the university. There he produced some of his finest work, cut short in 1899 by failing eyesight. His works there include Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library (3 vols., 1886–1906; the second was finished by A. E. Cowley), with over 2,500 entries (some items consisting of 20–50 works); the third volume contains 40 facsimiles that illustrate Hebrew paleography of different countries and periods. He also prepared a Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts in the Jews' College (1886).

His The Fifty-Third Chapter of Isaiah According to the Jewish Interpreters (vol. 1, texts, 1876; vol. 2, translations with S. R. Driver, 1877; repr. 1969) provided biblical scholarship with an anthology of Jewish reactions to christological interpretations. He was the first to publish original Hebrew portions of Ben Sira as they were found in the Cairo Genizah, together with the text of early versions, quotations of Ben Sira in rabbinical literature, and an English translation (with A. E. Cowley, 1897). His two volumes of Medieval Jewish Chronicles (Seder ha-Hakhamim ve-Korot ha-Yamim, preface and notes in English, 1887–95, repr. 1967) collected texts of a number of talmudic, geonic, and medieval historiographical writings. The fruits of Neubauer's collaboration with Renan were two remarkable works of literary history: Les rabbins franLais du commencement du quatorziIme siIcle (1877) and Les Mcrivains juifs franLais du XIVe siIcle (1893). Other editions of his include: Vocabulaire hebrasco-franLais (in: Romanische Studien, 2 (1875)), and Petite Grammaire hebraique provenant de Yemen (Arabic, 1891), as well as Talmudical and Rabbinical Literature (in: Transaction of the Philological Society, 1875–76). In 1901 he moved to Vienna to live with his nephew A. Buechler, and when the latter became principal of Jews' College, London, in 1906, he returned to London where he died shortly afterward.

Neubauer contributed a stream of articles, notes, and book reviews to most of the learned Jewish (and many non-Jewish) periodicals of his time.

Paragraph 2    כוללת לקוטים שונים מכתבי ידות, הוציאם לאור אברהם בן יעקב נאיבואיר...

התוכן: א. פרק בתנועות; פרק בחרז; פרק במשקלי השירים, מספר השרשים של ר' סעדיה אבן דנאן; ב. קבלה על מלאכת השיר ("אליקים כרמולי כתב... כי הספר נקרא אמרי שפר... והמחבר הוא ר' אבשלום בר' משה מזרחי"); ג. שתי מקאמות (בתרגומו של יהודה אלחריזי): המחברת השביעית והיא מחברת הזקן והזקנה; ד. המחברת השמינית והיא מחברת העבד והשפחה. שתי המקאמות חזרו ונדפסו בתוך: מחברות איתיאל, בתרגום ר' יהודה אל-חריזי, תל-אביב תשי"א, עמ' 66-53. ה. השער החמשים מן התחכמוני, מאת אלחריזי; ו. שני שירים. האחד "למורי אדני אבי... ר' חסדאי... בן... ר' שלמה חסדאי... בתים בהתחלת ספרו ספר הספיר". פותח: קורא בספר זה ישמח הלא ספיר (אוצר השירה והפיוט, ג, עמ' 339, מס' 234), השני מהדיואן של הקראי משה דרעי, פותח: ראה שירים לתורת אל עשיתים (שם, עמ' 355, מס' 86).

   BE mem 1902; EJ; CD-EPI 0151912
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