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Title (English)    Mishnat Hasidim
Title (Hebrew)    משנת חסידים
Author    [First Ed.] R. Raphael Immanuel Hai Ricchi
City    Amsterdam
Publication Date    1727
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   First edition. [6], 132, [2] ff., 210:160 mm., old hands and stamps, age and damp staining, tear in final with loss of several words, bound in modern half leather boards.
   An exposition of Lurianic Kabbalah according to topics. With the aim of teaching the subject in a methodical fashion, the book is modeled on the six orders of the Mishnah, with each order divided into tractates. The division into three parts (maftehot) is the author's own:
(a) Mafte'ah ha-Olamot, consisting of the orders Zera'im, Kodashim, Tohorot, and Nezikin;
(b) Mafte'ah ha-Neshamot, containing the order Nashim; and
(c) Mafte'ah ha-Kavvanot, containing the order Mo'ed. The Author's sources were books based on the Lurianic tradition according to R. Hayyim Vital and R. Israel Sarug.

R. Raphael Immanuel Hai b. Abraham Hai Ricchi (1688–1743), Italian rabbi, kabbalist, and poet. R. Raphael Immanuel Hai was born in Ferrara, but when he was two years old his family moved to Rovigo. When he was six his father died and his mother's brother, Jedidiah Rabbino, undertook to provide for the family and the education of the children. On Rabbino's death his son took charge of the family and married R. Raphael Immanuel Hai's sister. At the age of 20 R. Raphael Immanuel Hai began to travel around various Italian cities, making his living as a teacher. Although his great wish was to study Kabbalah with R. Benjamin b. Eliezer ha-Kohen Vitale of Reggio, he had to abandon his aim for economic reasons. In 1717 he was ordained rabbi in Trieste by R. Hillel Ashkenazi of Canea. Emigrating to Erez Israel in 1718, he settled in Safed, where he devoted himself to the study of Lurianic Kabbalah. In Safed he was ordained rabbi by R. Hayyim Abulafia, the rabbi of Safed. Because of a plague that ravaged the country, in which his daughter died, R. Raphael Immanuel Hai left Erez Israel after two years. On his way back to Italy, his ship was captured and taken to Tripoli, but he was released after 40 days. He settled in Leghorn, but later journeyed to Smyrna, Salonika, Constantinople, and London. He spent two years in Aleppo and in 1737 he arrived in Jerusalem, where he stayed for three years. In 1741 he returned to Leghorn to settle business matters connected with his books. While on one of his trips he was murdered by robbers.

Paragraph 2    (חכמת האר"י [ר' יצחק לוריא]... מסודרת בסדר ... הראוי ... מכתבי הרב ... ותלמידיו ... כספר המשנה, מחולק לסדרים ולמסכתות ולפרקים ולפסקות ... מתחלקים .. . לשלשה מפתחות ... מפתח העולמות ... מפתח הנשמות ... מפתח הכוונות ... כתוב בו כוונות המצות ועסק התורה וכוונות [תפילות כל השנה] כל דבר ודבר במועדו ... בהקדמה ... במשל ומליצה ... וזה שמה ... עולם קטן), שחברתי אני ... עמנואל חי בלא"א אברהם ריקי תנצב"ה בעיר ליוורנו בשנת ד"ל לימי שני חיי הוא שנת ה'כ'ו'נ'ו'ת' ליצירה [תפ"ב]. בשנת ה'כ'ו'נ'ו'ת'

בראש הספר נדפסו: "סמיכות המחבר", מאת ר' הלל אשכנזי (טריאסתי, ט אב תע"ז), ומאת ר' חיים אבולפיא (צפת, תב תע"ט). דף א-ד,א: עולם קטן. שתי ההסכמות שנדפסו כאן ניתנו לספריו מעשה חושב, הון עשיר ומשנת חסידים. נדפסו גם בספרו הון עשיר, אמשטרדם תצ"א. הסכמות: רבני צפת: ר' חיים אבולפיא, ר' חיים יעקב ן' פורנה, ר' משה ששון, ר' דניאל קאפסוטו ור' חייא גבריאל, א סיון תע"ח; ר' יעקב ב"ר שמואל אבוהב, ויניציאה, ג קרח תפ"ב.

   CD-EPI 0167941; EJ
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