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Title (English)    Hokhmat ha-Mishkan
Title (Hebrew)    חכמת המשכן
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Joseph Shallit ben Eliezer Richietti
City    Mantua
Publication Date    1676
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 12 ff. octavo 215:143 mm., light age staining, neat paper repairs. A very good copy bound in modern half cloth and marbled paper boards.
   On the construction and form of the Tabernacle and its utensils by R. Joseph Shallit ben Eliezer Richietti (Riqueti, 17th century). The title page of Hokhmat ha-Mishkan has an architectural frame and states that it is, “new faces brought here” (Shabbat 112b, Eruvin 24a, Bava Kamma 96b) with a comely commentary, with illustrations according to their need. “If a person has understanding” (Berakhot 32a, Sanhedrin 92a) to understand the order of the arrangements [of the |Temple], it is if he built it in his day, and so it is regarded. . . . In the year dated, “O God of our salvation ישענו (436 = 1676)” (Psalms 65:6, 79:9, 85:5, I Chronicles 16:35). R. Richietti’s introduction follows the title page, in which he describes his great feeling for Erez Israel, having had to leave the garden of the Lord, “the land of beauty” (Daniel 11:16). He writes about his efforts while in Verona, to describe the Tabernacle and its utensils, noted on the title page, while also involved in printing the genealogy of the righteous (Iggeret Mesapperet), as well as working on a description of Erez Israel. Hokhmat ha-Mishkan is so entitled because it is not based upon Richietti’s understanding but rather upon the wisdom of the Talmud and commentators. Hokhmat ha-Mishkan, in a single column in rabbinic type, begins with Iggeret Melkhet ha-Mishkan, and then the descriptive text based upon the Talmud and related sources, paragraphs beginning with citations from those sources. Hokhmat ha-Mishkan is comprised of descriptions of the structure of the Tabernacle, its utensils, and the priestly garments. At the end of the volume is a page enumerating the eighteen illustrations intended for the book but not printed with this edition, the workers being insufficiently skilled for the project. R. Richietti was an Italian Jew, likely from Mantua. He relocated to Safed, from whence he was sent as an emissary to Italy. While there he became part of the circle of R. Benjamin ben Meir ha-Levi, also from Safed. The latter was the teacher of R. Moses Zacuto, to whose circle Richietti belonged, presumably sharing Shabbatean beliefs. During his sojourn in Italy R. Richietti printed his books relating to Erez Israel, that is, Hokhmat ha-Mishkan and Iggeret Mesapperet Yahasuta de-Zaddikei de-Ara de-Yisrael (see below, 1676). The latter work is reputedly appended to Hokhmat ha-Mishkan, but the copies examined were bound as independent works, each with its own title page.
Paragraph 2    (וכל כליו ובגדי כהונה ומעשיהם)... בפירוש... וצורות מצויירות... להבין סדרו המתוכן... ע"י הצעיר... יוסף שליט ריקיטי יצ"ו בכ"מ... אליעזר ריקיטי זלה"ה. שנת אלהי י'ש'ע'נ'ו'

עמ' אחרון: "ואלו... הציורים אשר בשלהי היריעה יהיו באים". מפתח לציורים, יח במספר, שאמר המחבר להדפיסם, "ולא עלה בידי מאומה... להיות שאין האומנים בקאים [!] כל כך בעיר הזאת בזאת... ומדי עוברי לויניציאה אשלם כוונתי... ויבא הכל בסוף הסדר הלזה דרך אב" (דף יב,א). נראה שלא הגשים הבטחתו. בהקדמה בראש הספר, אומר המחבר: "כבר קדמתי בראשונה לצייר צורת הבית ותכונתו בחבורה... שהיתה בק"ק וירונה... שנית נתעסקתי שתי פעמים בהדפסת סדר יחוס הצדיקים, ועוד בה שלישיה נטפלתי לצור צורה בתוך צורת ארץ ישראל אשר נתכנה זה כמה שנים בק"ק אמסטרדאם... ואני ישרתיו אף עשיתיו מהודר ונאה בכמה ציורים ששש בגוונים שלו". בראשי העמודים: אגרת מלאכת המשכן.

   Heller, 17th Cent. Book.; CD-EPI 0167957
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