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Title (English)    Teshuvah me-Ahavah, v. I-III
Title (Hebrew)    תשובה מאהבה חלק א-ג
Author    [First & Limited Ed.] R. Eliezer Fleckles
City    Prague
Publisher    Scholl [Franz Johann]
Publication Date    1809-20
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. Three volumes, 335:206 mm., wide margins, light age staining, old hands, v. II-III blue paper. A very good set bound in modern cloth boards. V.1 limited to only 500 copies printed.
   Teshuvah me-Ahavah, collection of responsa by R. Eleazar ben David Fleckeles. He employed a new method of arranging the responsa according to the order of the Shulhan Arukh, and at the same time adding his own comments on, and supplements to, other responsa. R. Fleckeles was born in Prague. In 1779 he was appointed rabbi of Kojetin in Moravia, but in 1783 returned to Prague, where he served as a member of the bet din of R. Ezekiel Landau and also headed a large yeshiva. After R. Landau's death, he was appointed Oberjurist (“president”) of the three-man rabbinate council that also included R. Samuel Landau, the son of R. Ezekiel. When the Frankists made their appearance in the city in 1800, R. Fleckeles headed the opposition to them. He was denounced by an informer and imprisoned, and on his release he wrote a pamphlet of thanksgiving entitled Azkir Tehillot. In his published sermons, that reflect his outstanding ability as a preacher, he expresses his vigorous opposition to various reforms resulting from the spread of the Haskala movement. He warns on the one hand against excessive pursuit of secular studies and on the other concurs with the study of Kabbalah, but only on the basis of a sound knowledge of Talmud. In the introductions to his works, he emphasizes the brotherhood of man and the duty of the Jews toward the Gentiles. In connection with the question put by the censor Karl Fischer, “whether there is any distinction between an Israelite swearing to his fellow Israelite and swearing to a Gentile,” R. Fleckeles replied “that the force of an oath is great, and no distinction can be made between taking an oath to an Israelite and to a non-Jew” (Teshuva Me’Ahavah, pt. 1, no. 26). He was opposed to the hairsplitting methods of pilpul and to “labored solutions,” and emphasized that he was not prone to stringency in his rulings (ibid., pt. 3, no. 325), He was careful to make allowance for traditional customs and gave information in his responsa about special customs that existed in various communities.
Paragraph 2    אשר חברתי... אלעזר ן' דוד ז"ל פלעקלס (פלעקלש) מתושבי... פראג... חלק א-ג.

חלק א: ספר שאלות ותשובות מהרא"ף [מורנו הרב רבי אלעזר פלעקלס] הוא חלק ראשון מחבור תשובה מאהבה (ואין אתי עתות... לסדר השאלות על פי ארבע שלחנות... מוה' מרדכי יארמוט... טרח ויגע להגיה ספרי). דפוס Sommer Franz durch Diesbach Eva, שנת ט'ו'ב' ו'מ'ת'ו'ק' [תקס"ט]. 10, צ, [9] דף.
המפתחות הוכנו על-ידי ר' אברהם מאיר, בן המחבר, ור' משה ב"ר אליהו קעניגסווארט, תלמיד המחבר. "ודפסתי חמש מאות ספרים".
חלק ב: שו"ת... על ש"ע א"ח עם לקוטים... על הגליונים (וכסדר הש"ע בסימנים). דפוס Scholl [Johann Franz], תקע"ה-תקע"ו, 1815. 4, נו דף.
בשער: שנת שמור מ'צ'ו'ת'י' ו'ח'י'ה' [תקע"ה]. קולופון: חתמתי... מרחשון [שנת] צ'ד'ק' ו'ש'ל'ו'ם' [תקע"ו]. חלק ג: [שאלות ותשובות] על כל הש"ע יורה דעה [וגם]... חדושי דינים מהראשונים והאחרונים. דפוס Scholl [Johann Franz], שנת ה'ל'כ'ו'ת' ו'ד'י'נ'י'ם' [תקפ"א]. [3], צז דף.
דף סא,ב-סב,ב: "לוח קצר... לענין קדושי השמות" (אדני, אל, אלוה, אלהים). כולל כל פסוקי התורה, על-פי סדר הפרשיות, שבהם מוזכרים השמות ולידם הציון "קדש", "חול", "צ"ע" [צריך עיון]. עי' גם למעלה: מלאכת הקדש. דף פ-צא: קונטרס פרק התערובות, שו"ת מהרא"ף, תשובות שונות מיתר שלחנות.

   EJ; CD-EPI 0158538
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