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Title (English)    Sanhedrin
Title (Hebrew)    סנהדרין
Author    [First Ed.] Jacob Reifmann
City    Berdichev
Publisher    Jacob Sheftel
Publication Date    1888
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. [2], 60 pp. octavo 160:89 mm., light age staining. A good copy bound in modern boards.
   First edition of this comprehensive study of the workings of the Sanhedrin by Jacob ben Zevi Hirsch Reifmann. The text divides the judicial activities of the Sanhedrin onto ten categories. Appended to Sanhedrin is a discourse entitled three heads (leading officials) that were in Israel in prior times.

Jacob ben Zevi Hirsch Reifmann (1818–1895) was a scholar and writer. Reifmann was born in the Lagow district of Radom, Poland, was raised in Apta and subsequently lived in Lublin, Zamosc, and Szczebrzeszyn. Growing estranged from Hasidim, who were then dominant where he lived, Reifmann turned more to the Haskalah. His field was criticism of the Bible and the Talmud. Highly respected in scholarly circles for his erudition and critical mind, Reifmann also caused antagonism, especially because he was outspoken. His life was spent in great poverty, and he did not receive any official position or recognition. The conflicts in his attempt to merge his traditional East European background with modern Western scholarship are apparent in his writing, and probably also contributed to his difficulties in adjusting to his environment. Reifmann contributed hundreds of articles to the Hebrew periodicals of his time, and wrote 17 books. He covered a wide variety of areas, including Bible, Talmud, rabbinic literature, Aramaic translations of the Bible, liturgy, Jewish philosophy, and biography. He corresponded with such leading scholars of his time as S. J. L. Rapoport, L. Geiger, H. Graetz, M. Steinschneider, and S. D. Luzzatto.

Among Reifmann's work are: Tavnit ha-Bayit (1844) and Pesher Davar (1845), critical studies on talmudic matters; Toledot Rabbenu Zerahyah ha-Levi (1853), a biography; Hut ha-Meshullash (1859), on the familiarity of talmudic rabbis with foreign languages, on the history of fables among the Jews, and notes to the book Mivhar ha-Peninim; Beit ha-Talmud (vol. 3), on the problems concerning the geonic work, She'iltot; Sedeh Aram (1875), on Targum Onkelos; and Or Boker (1879), on talmudic criticism. Some of his works were published by N. Herskovics in Hadarom (1964–69) and by N. Ben-Menahem, Iggeret Bikkoret al Seder ha-Haggadah shel Pesah (1969) and Iyyunim be-Mishnat Avraham ibn Ezra (1962).

Paragraph 2    ... אדות כל עניני סנהדרין ... א) מקור והוראת שמם. ב) מחלקותיהם. ג) ראשית ואחרית משרתם. ד) תעודתם. ה) דרך הקמתם. ו) דרך שבתם. ז) מקום שבתם. ח) מוצא מחיתם. ט) אי זה יכשר לבא בקהלם מפאת יחשו. י) אי זה יכשר לבא בקהלם מפאת תכונתו. והכל בראיות מתלמודים ומספרים אחרים קדומים ובסופו נלוה מאמר חדש ... שלשת הראשים אשר היו לפנים בישראל. מאתי יעקב רייפמאנן. שנת ל'א' י'ס'ו'ר' ש'ב'ט' י'ה'ו'ד'ה'

עמ' 2: אמנם כי מאמר סנהדרין כבר יצא לאור בשנת ה' תרכ"ו בתוך הכרמל השבועי >שנת ששית 5,6, 4, 3, 2 .No< ... קמתי והדפסתי אותו פעם שנית במחברת מיוחדת עם תקונים והוספות אשר שלח אלי הרב המחבר ... המו"ל.

   BE sameh 497; EJ; CD-EPI 0167800
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