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Title (English)    Lehem min ha-Shamayim pt. 2
Title (Hebrew)    לחם מן השמים חלק ב
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Moses ben Raphael Isaiah Azulai
City    Livorno [Leghorn]
Publisher    Eliezer Menahem Ottelenghi
Publication Date    1848
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 100 ff. quarto 200:145 mm., wide margins, light age and damp staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed and split.
   Only edition of these discourses on Exodus through Leviticus and special Shabbasim by R. Azulai, a grandson of R. Hayyim Joseph David Azulai (Hida). The title page begins that the title Lehem min ha-Shamayim is a notarikon (system of abbreviations by either shortening the words or by writing only one letter of each word. This method is used in interpreting the Pentateuch and is the 30th of the 32 hermeneutical rules of the Baraita of 32 Rules) for Likkutei Hiddushei Mi-ziknei Me-cal Nimukei Ha-rav She-nidpas Maz Yikurim Mepininim, that is, they are the collected novellae of his grandfather, more precious than rubies. He continues that it is gematriot in the possession of Moses Azuali, the collected discourses and allusions on the Torah scattered here and there in the works of the gaon, the Hida. At the end he has added discourses entitled Ruah Hen. It is dated with the verse “Who gives bread to all flesh; for his loving kindness endures for ever” (Psalms 136:125). There are eight pages of approbations, followed by the text, set in a single column in rabbinic type. The discourses after the Torah portion are on Shabbat ha-Gadol, Shabbat ha-Kallah, Shabbat Teshuvah, and Sahbbat Zekhor. Lehem min ha-Shamayim concludes with Pas Lehem, tikkunim and omissions to Lehem min ha-Shamayim part two. This volume is part two, part one having been printed in 1845. At the end this part the hope is expressed that part three may also be published, but that part was never printed.
Paragraph 2    ... מאסף קצת חידושים ורמזים על התורה המפוזרים ... בתוך ספרי ... הגאון מז"ה חיד"א [מורי זקני הרב חיים יוסף דוד אזולאי] ... ועוד כתבתי איזה דבר אשר נלע"ד באיזה מקומות אני הצעיר מאי"ן >ר"ת נאם משה אזולאי יצ"ו< ומה שמצאתי בליקוטי מז"ה מכ"י ... וחידושים ורמזים מרבינו אפרים מכ"י ופירושים מליקוטי גאוני קמאי כ"י ... ונוסף על זה בסוף הספר קצת דרושים מספר רוח חיים כ"י שחיבר מז"ה חיד"א ... [מאת] משה בלא"א ... ר' רפאל ישעיה אזולאי זצ"ל ... חלק א-ב.
   BE lamed 322; CD-EPI 0120363
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