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Title (English)    Bet Natan
Title (Hebrew)    בית נתן
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Nahman Nathan Coronel
City    Vienna
Publisher    Adalbert della Torre
Publication Date    1854
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [8], 56 ff. quarto 250:182 mm., wide margins, light age and damp staining. A very good copy not bound.
Paragraph 1    Includes poem in honor of Sir Moses Montefiore upon the recovery from a series illness.
   Only edition of printed edition of variant readings in tractate Berakhot based on an early Cairo manuscript together with halakhc decisions by R. Isaac di Trani the elder, brought to press in a critical edition by R. Nahman Nathan ben David Coronel. There are facing Hebrew and Latin title pages, an introduction from R. Coronel, a page of verse, approbations from R. Abraham Ashkenazi, R. Samuel ben Joshua Milia, R. Hayyim Palagi, R. Israel Moses Hazan, R. Shimon Ben Moses Sofer, R. Eliezer ha-Levi Ish Horowitz, and R. Dov Berush Meisels. Next is an introduction form the scholar R. Solomon Judah Leib Kohen Rapaport, and then the text.

Palestinian scholar of Sephardic-Ashkenazic parentage; born at Amsterdam 1810; died at Jerusalem Aug. 6, 1890. His teacher was R. Abraham Susan. In 1830 he emigrated to Safed, Palestine, where he married, afterward settling in Jerusalem. There he studied in the Sephardic yeshibah. He became especially interested in rabbinical manuscripts, and acquired many rare copies, some of which he sold to European libraries, while others he published with his own annotations. In addition to (1) "Bet Natan" (The House of Nathan) Coronel published (2) "Ḥamishshah Ḳonṭerisim" (Five Pamphlets), containing a varied version of Kallah, decisions in jurisprudence by R. Solomon Tazerat, and a letter of excommunication by David, the exilarch, etc. (Vienna, 1864). (3) "Seder R. Amram Gaon" (846 C.E.), containing a liturgy of the geonic period, of decided literary value (Warsaw, 1865). (4) "Teshubot ha-Geonim" (Responsa of Geonim), rules for the slaughter and examination of animals, by R. Jonah (Vienna, 1871). (5) "Zeker Natan" (Memory of Nathan), selected religious regulations for travelers (Vienna, 1872). (6) Decisions by R. Solomon b. Adret in reference to appropriating ḥallah (the priests' share of the dough), and decisions by R. Jacob b. Zahal of Jerusalem. Coronel, in his own essay, "Haḳor Dabar" (Search out a Matter), attempted to establish a precedent for the exemption, like the Levite tithe, of the appropriation of ḥallah outside the Holy Land, for which he was rebuked by the rabbis of Jerusalem. (7) "Alfasi Zuṭa" ("The[abridged] Alfasi), by Menahem Azariah of Fano, with Coronel's commentary (Jerusalem, 1885). Coronel was awarded by the emperor of Austria the gold medal for art and science.

Paragraph 2    שנוי נוסחאות במסכת ברכות מתלמוד בבלי על פי כ"י קדמון... אשר הובא לידי ממצרים ... והוספתי עליו נופך משלי להעיר על... הדברים ... אשר נתקשו בהם... המפרשים... ובסופו ספחתי... פסקי רבנו ישעיה מטראני הראשון... אשר העתקתי פה ווינא בעקד ספרי המלך... אנכי... נחמן נתן קורוניל מעיר... ירושלים...

בראש הספר (דף [4-3]) הקדמת המחבר, ובסופה: "מזמור תודה", שיר לכבוד משה מונטיפיורי שהחלים "ממחלה קשה". דף [7,ב-8] "מליצה ומבוא" מאת ר' שלמה יהודה ליב כהן רפאפורט, אב"ד פראג. דף מ,ב-נו: פסקי רבנו ישעי' מטראני הראשון על מסכת ברכות.

הסכמות: ר' אברהם אשכנזי, ירושלים, אב תרי"ג; ר' שמואל ב"ר יהושע מאילייא, ירושלים, ח אלול [תרט"ו, צ"ל: תרי"ג]; ר' חיים פאללאגי, איזמיר, אלול תרי"ד; ר' ישראל משה חזן, קורפו, תשרי תרי"ד; ר' שמעון בהמרמ"ס [ב"ר משה סופר], מטרסדארף, א חנוכה תרי"ד; ר' אליעזר הלוי איש הורווויץ, וויען, ח טבת תרי"ד; ר' דוב בערש מייזלס, וויען, כ טבת תרי"ד.

   BE bet 813; JE; CD-EPI 0163386
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