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Title (English)    Yad Yosef ve-Ravid Zahav
Title (Hebrew)    יד יוסף ורביד הזהב
Author    R. Yosef-Yozpe ben Menahem Zevi Rosenberg
City    Presburg
Publisher    Sieber Heinrich
Publication Date    1863
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [4], 30, 131 ff. folio 378:226 mm., wide margins, usual light age staining, stamps. A very good copy loose in contemporary boards, split.
   Only edition of this detailed commentary and novellae on the Shulhan Arukh, hilkhot Shabbat and Eruvin by R. Yosef-Yozpe ben Menahem Zevi Rozenberg (1829-1905). The title page describes the two part work as Yad Yosef, a concise recapitulation of the Magen Avraham, Taz, Elia Rabbah, Tosafot Shabbat, Hemed Moshe, and the Be’ur of the Vilna Gaon, and other works. All are stated precisely according while still conveying the depth of their wisdom. Also included are halakhic novellae found in rishonim and ahronim and responsa not brought in the Ba’er Hativ and Sha’arei Teshuvah, as well as some novellae according to the psok halakhah. The second part of this monumental work is Ravid Zahav, which pilpul hiddushei halakhot and an explanation of the poskim. The verso of the title page has approbations from R. Hayyim Halberstam of Zanz, R. Menahem ben Meir, R. Jeremiah ben Benjamin, and R. Aaron David Deutsch. There is an introduction from R. Rosenberg and then the text, which is comprised of the Shulhan Arukh, in the left column, Yad Yosef in the right hand column, and below Ravid Zahav. Hilkhot Eruvin comes first (f. 1a-30b), followed by Hilkhot Shabbat (1a-131a).

R. Rosenberg was born in Balassagyarmat, educated in Hungarian yeshivot and served as Rav of Puspokladany for many years. An erudite scholar he also wrote Divrei Yoseph (three volumes, Kolomyya-Munkacs, 1885-96) novellae and responsa to the Yore De'ah; two additional volumes of Yad Yosef ve-Ravid Zahav (Uzhgorod 1863-70) on the laws of Pessah and Yom Tov.

Paragraph 2    על [שולחן ערוך אורח חיים] הלכות שבת ועירובין (פסח, יו"ט). היד יוסף הוא קיצור דברי ... (הפוסקים ... האחרונים), חדושי דינים שמצאתי בראשונים ואחרונים ... והרביד הזהב הוא חלק הפלפול ... אשר חברתי ... יוסף יוזפא בן ... מו"ה מנחם צבי רוזענבורג זצלה"ה.

עם פנים השולחן ערוך. הסכמות: ר' חיים הלברשטאם, צאנז, טו אלול תרכ"א; - [חלק א] ר' מנחם ב"ר מאיר א"ש [אייזנשטטר], אונגוואהר, כב כסליו תרכ"א; - [חלק א] ר' ירמי' ב"ר בנימין [וואלף לעוו], אוהעל, מה למב"י [א סיון], תרכ"א; - [חלק א] ר' אה[רן] דוד דייטש, יארמוט, כח סיון תרכ"ב. - [חלק א]

[חלק א]: על הלכות שבת ועירובין. Presburg, דפוס יורשי Sieber Heinrich, בשנת מ'ש'י'ח' ה'' צ'ד'ק'נ'ו' שבא יבא בב"א [תרכ"ג].

   BE yod 127; CD-EPI 0162091
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