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Title (English)    Kos Yeshu'ot; Korban Reshit
Title (Hebrew)    כוס ישועות - קרבן ראשית
Author    [The R. Meir Amsel Copy]
City    Warsaw
Publisher    Abraham Schriftiggaser
Publication Date    1910; 1912
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 200; 119 pp. folio 290:190 mm., usual age staining, wide margins. Very good copies bound in later boards, rubbed and split.
Paragraph 1    The R. Meir Amsel copy with his hand and stamp on title. R. Meir b. Abraham Amsel, (1907-2007) was born in Neudorf (Pecsujfalu). At the young age of 6 his mother would wake him at 4:00 AM, tie a lantern to his chest and sent him off to the local klaus to study Torah. His passion for learning, developed as a child, was life long. The family moved to Kosice, in the teens, where R. Amsel acquainted R. Shmuel Engel, the Radismishler Rav, and became his devoted student. Under his guidance he developed his skills in interpreting Jewish law and rendering halakhic decisions. In Kosice R. Amsel also became a devoted disciple of R. Abraham Shalom Halberstam, Admor of Strokov and son of the Divrei Yechezkel. He married the daughter of R. Moses Bugler of Presov-Krestir, a rabbinical family with close ties to many of the regional Hasidic Rebbes. Through the family R. Amsel met the Admor of Krestir, Rabbi Yeshaya, and many other notables. During the Holocaust years R. Amsel as leader of the Agudat Israel movement in Czhekoslovakia, secured immigration for thousands of Jews to Erez Israel. His philosophy, dedication, and concern for Erez Israel, developed by the Kattowitz Agudah Movement, was lifelong. WWII destroyed much of his family, including wife and child. Hiding and operating in disguise as a gentile, he moved to Budapest, where he was involved with smuggling food and sustenance to widows and orphans in the Jewish ghetto. In 1948 he immigrated to the United States and immediately began publishing the Hamaor, a bi-monthly rabbinical journal, that won the approval of the greatest rabbis. Among the contributors and supporters were the Satmar Rebbe, the Lubavitch Rebbe, the Bobover Rebbe, the Munkatcher Rebbe, the Tzhelemer Rebbe, Rabbi Jonathan Steif, Rabbi Aaron Koytlar, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, Rabbi Pinhas Hirschprung, and many others. During the fifties and sixties, Hamaor was at the forefront of practically all major battles to strengthen Orthodox Judaism in the United States. Although his strong views were many times opposed – his integrity gained the journal worldwide respect and recognition. In 1965 he opened a synagogue and mikvah in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, with the financial assistance of the Satmar and Lubavitch Rebbes. In the same year he published volume one of his magnus opum, Responsa Hamaor, an 800 page collection of important responsa by hundreds of rabbis. Volume two, Zikhronot Hamaor, an 800 page collection of biographies of Holocaust victims and survivors, appeared in 1975, followed by the English version, Encyclopedia Hamaor, several years later. R. Amsel passed-on on Saturday afternoon, the 23rd of Tevet 5767 (January 14, 2007) in Brooklyn, NY. At his funeral, attended by thousands of mourners, he was eulogized by the President of the Agudat Harabonim of America, Rabbi Zevi Meir Ginzburg, Rabbi Chaim Moshe Koenig, the Yoka Rav, Rabbi Ehrenreich, the Matisdorfer Rav, Rabbi Spira, the Bluzhever Rebbe, and his son Hagaon Rav Yaakov Amsel, editor of the Hamaor. Among the mourners were many notable rabbis and community leaders including the Bobover Rebbe, Munkatch Rebbe, Tshelem Rebbe, R. Horowitz of Spinka and many others. R. Amsel was laid to rest in the Arugath Habosem section of the Wellwood Cemetary in Long Island.
   Two independent works of halakhah and novellae. The first title is Kos Yeshu'ot, novellae on tractate Bava Mezia and likkutim on other tractates by R. R. Zevi Hirsch ben Naphtali Herz Bialeh. This is the only edition of these novellae, part two of the entire work, the first part, on Bava Kamma and Shevu'ot having been printed several years earlier (Warsaw, 1902). Kos Yeshu'ot has approbations from R. Joseph of Slonim and R. Joseph Rozin. There is an introduction from R. Moses and Menahem Lipschitz, who brought the book to press. R. Bialeh preferred to penetrate deeply into the understanding of the sources, stress the plain meaning of the Talmud, and avoid excessive pilpul. The second work is Korban Reshit by R. Aaron Judah Loeb ben Asher Selig Margalioth. Korban Reshit is responsa and novellae on tractate Rosh Ha-Shanah. It has approbations fromn R. Abraham Mendel ha-Levi Sternberg, R. Meir Arik, R. Eliezer Deutsch, and R. Moses Menahem Yerushlamisky. R. Zevi Hirsch ben Naphtali Herz Bialeh, (1670–1748), German rabbi and rosh yeshivah. Bialeh was born in Lemberg. He served as rabbi of Biała (hence his name) and then as head of a yeshivah in Lemberg. In 1718 he was appointed to Halberstadt (hence his other appellation Ẓevi Hirsch Halberstadter) where he remained until his death. Because of his acumen he was also called Hirsch Harif ("sharp"). He established a large yeshivah in the town and among its pupils were such outstanding rabbis of the following generation as R. Akiva Eger , R. Isaiah Berlin , and R. Mordecai Halberstadt . He refused to publish his novellae on the grounds that through the continual publication of works by aḥaronim, students would neglect the rishonim, but glosses and responsa by him can be found scattered in various works of his contemporaries. His works, which were published only after his death, are Ateret Ẓevi (1804), comprising responsa, sermons, eulogies, and novellae as well as Kos Yeshu'ot. Five of his children were rabbis: Solomon Dov Berush in Glogau; Naphtali Herz in Dubno; Abraham in Rawicz; Samuel in Halberstadt; and Simḥah in Dessau. His brother, Israel b. Naphtali Herz (d. 1744) lived in Cleves, Offenbach, and Hanau. His talmudic novellae are contained in his brother's Ateret Ẓevi.
Paragraph 2    חידושים על מס' בבא מציעא ולקוטים על שאר מסכתות אשר חיבר ... מרן צבי הירש חריף זצוקלל"ה אב"ד ור"מ דק"ק הלברשטט והמדינה ... בהרב ... מרן נפתלי הירץ אשכנזי זצוקללה"ה אב"ד ור"מ דק"ק לבוב. והכתי"ק הלז הי' מונח לערך מאה ושמונים שנה וכעת הובא לביהד"פ ע"י ... מו"ה פנחס שמואל זנוויל בהרב ... מוהר"ר אברהם הכהן זצ"ל שהיה א' ממלאי מקום הרב דק"ק ווארשא בהרב ... מוה' אלעזר הכהן זצ"ל נכד ... הרר"י [ר' יעקב לארבערבוים] אבד"ק ליסא זצוק"ל ובהשתדלות בנו ... יעקב מנחם הכהן נ"י ...

עמ' [3]-4: הקדמת המוציא לאור, האחים מנחם ומשה ב"ר יצחק צבי ליפשיטץ, שהועתקה, בשינוי קל, מ"כוס ישועות", ווארשא תרס"ב. 18 עמ': תולדות המחבר, מאת ר' ישראל משה בהגאבד"ק לענטשנא מוה"ר חיים יהושע [בידערמאן] זצ"ל; ח"ת בסוגיא דעד זומם, מאת ר' ישראל איסר ב"ר יצחק לנדא. עם הסכמות ר' יוסף מסלאנימא ור' יוסף ראזין, שהועתקו מ"כוס ישועות", ווארשא תרס"ב.

קרבן ראשית... הדפסתי מחדש ... בהגה"ה והערות מגדולי גאוני זמנינו... נתן נטע הכהן (דאננער) אבדק"ק קאלביעל... שנת ת'ע'ר'"ב'

שמו של המדפיס באותיות קיריליות. עמ' 14-12: הגהות והערות מכבוד... מו"ה יצחק גריסהאבער זצ"ל... ובנו... מו"ה משה פאקש זצ"ל מק"ק יינק... מו"ה יוסף הכהן שווארטץ... העתיק אותם מגליון הספר קרבן ראשית הנמצא שם בעירו ק"ק באניהאד יצ"ו. גם הוסיף עליהם איזה ענינים וציונים.

עם ההסכמות שבהוצאת פרנקפורט דאדר תקל"ח והסכמות חדשות: ר' אברהם מענדיל הלוי שטיינבערג, בראדי, ל למב"י [טו אייר] תרע"ב; ר' מאיר אריק, יאזלוויץ, ב אייר תרע"ב; ר' אליעזר דייטש, באניהאד, כ למב"י [ה אייר] תרע"ב; ר' משה נחום ירושלימסקי, קיעלץ, שתי הסכמות: ט וטז אייר תרע"ב. כל אחד מן המסכימים הוסיף הערות על הספר.

   BE caph 134, kof 1051; EJ; CD-EPI 0112317; 0149365
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