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Title (English)    Ziyyonim le-Torah
Title (Hebrew)    ציונים לתורה
Author    R. Rafael Jacob ben Akiva Didovski
City    Jerusalem
Publisher    Jehiel Vraker
Publication Date    1927
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. 99, [1] ff. octavo 225:160 mm., usual light age staining. A very good copy loose in contemporary boards, rubbed.
   First edition of this clever enumeration of the taryag (613) mizvot by R. Rafael Jacob ben Akiva Didovski (d. 1951). The title page describes it as a necessary work for all our brothers of the children of Israel so that they may be blessed in al the places that they dwell. It quotes the Talmud (Eruvin 54b) that one should make markers for the Torah, and since every Jew is therefore required to remember the taryag mizvot R. Didovski has prepared this work which will enable everyone to remember them in a short time. There is an introduction from the author and then the text. What R. Didovski has done is to not only enumerate and clearly explain the mitzvot, but in the enumeration of each and every mitzvah is the name of that mitzvah, that is, the letters of the numbers spelled out are the initial letters of the title or name of the mitzvah.

The 613 Commandments, (taryag mitzvot) are the total number of biblical commandments (precepts and prohibitions) is given in rabbinic tradition. R. Simlai, a Palestinian teacher, states: "613 commandments were revealed to Moses at Sinai, 365 being prohibitions equal in number to the solar days, and 248 being mandates corresponding in number to the limbs of the human body" (Mak. 23b). The number 613 usually known by the Hebrew mnemonic, תַּרְיַ״ג (Ta-RYa-G – ג = 3 ,10 = י ,200 = ר ,400 = ת), is found as early as tannaitic times in the sayings of Simeon b. Eleazar (Mekh. Yitro, Ba-Ḥodesh, 5, only in ed. by I.H. Weiss (1865), 74 [75a]), Simeon b. Azzai (Sif. Deut 76 where the 365 prohibitions are mentioned), and Eleazar b. Yose the Galilean (Mid. Hag. to Gen. 15:1) and is apparently based upon an ancient tradition.

Paragraph 2    ... על כל התרי"ג מצות ... שע"י הציונים יוכל כל אחד ... לידע ... התרי"ג מצות בע"פ ... על ידי הקטן יעקב בהרב ר' עקיבא (דידאווסקי) זצ"ל מלומדי הישיבות אשר בתוככי עיה"ק ירושלם ... שנת ז'ר'ע' ק'ו'ד'ש'

הסכמות: ר' יוסף חיים זאננענפעלד, ירושלים; ר' אליהו קלאצקין, ירושלם, ג כסלו תרפ"ח.

   BE zadi 243; EJ; CD-EPI 0125745
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