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Title (English)    Sefer ha-Agudah
Title (Hebrew)    ספר האגודה
Author    [First Ed.] R. Alexander Suslin ha-Kohen
City    Cracow
Publisher    Issac of Prostiz
Publication Date    1571
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. 4, 250 ff., 297:190 mm., wide margins, usual light age and damp staining, old hand on title, f. 1 (second collation) provided in 18th c. manuscript. A very good copy bound in later full leather boards, rubbed.
Paragraph 1    The copy of R. Samuel Braude (19th cent), dayyan and rabbi. The Braude family was noted for its rabbinical members, the name ברודא is the acronym of בני רבנים ודייני אמת, sons of rabbis and truthful judges.
   A collection of halakhic decisions derived from talmudic discussions and arranged in the order of the tractates of the Talmud. It includes novellae (his own as well as those of some of his predecessors), and a commentary and collection of halakhot to the minor tractates and to the Mishnayot of the orders Zera'im and Tohorot. The language is very concise and it can be seen that the Author wrote it in great haste, under the stress of the expulsions and persecutions of his time. Indeed the purpose of the book is to give halakhic rulings in a concise form, ignoring differences of opinion, for a generation which was harassed and persecuted. His sources are R. Mordecai b. Hillel and R. Asher b. Jehiel, and they often have to be consulted in order to understand him. The Aguddah was published from a defective and faulty manuscript by R. Joseph ha-Kohen, brother-in-law of R. Moses Isserles, who attempted to correct the text, but with only partial success. A digest, called Hiddushei Aguddah, compiled by R. Jacob Weil, was published as an appendix to his responsa (Venice, 1523), and has been frequently reprinted. The later halakhic authorities attached great value to his works; R. Jacob ha-Levi Moellin and R. Moses Isserles (in his glosses to the Shulhan Arukh) in particular regarded his decisions as authoritative, and quote from him, although they were aware of his sources.

R. Alexander Suslin ha-Kohen (d. 1349), German talmudic scholar, was born in Erfurt and taught there as well as in Worms, Cologne, and Frankfort. Although he was apparently still in Frankfort in 1345 he sometime toward the end of his life resettled in Erfurt where he died a martyr's death. He is the last of the early German halakhic authorities.

Paragraph 2    ... חברו ... מהר"ר אלכסנדרי הכהן וכנויו היה מהר"ר זויסלין מק"ק ורנקבורט והוא ה"ר ז"ך [הרב ר' זוסלין כהן]. והוא קיצור מחדושי דינים היוצאים מכל מסכתא ומסכתא שבכל שיתא סדרי. ומפסקי הגאונים ... ועוד נוסף עליה' חדושי דינים שהוסיף מדיליה. והוגה ההעתק על ידי כמהר"ר יוסף כ"ץ י"ץ בהר"ר מרדכי גרשון כ"ץ ז"ל. אשר בו תלה זיוני חריפתו ובקיאתו מהדינין מוצאם ומובא' כלפי ליא. וסקל המסילה מאו"ן והמציא לו שותפים ... להוציא לאור ... הספר הלז ...
   CD-EPI 0110537; Abramson, in: Sinai, 58 (1956), 188–91; M. Horovitz, Frankfurter Rabbinen, 1 (1892) vii, 9; EJ
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