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Title (English)    Shalmei Zibbur and Shalmei Hagigah
Title (Hebrew)    שלמי צבור - שלמי חגיגה
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Israel Jacob Algazi
City    Salonika
Publisher    Mordehai Nahman & David Israeliga
Publication Date    1790
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [3], 348 ff., quarto, 197:142 mm., wide margins, usual light age and damp staining, old hands, stamps. A very good copy bound in contemporary half marbled paper and cloth boards, rubbed.
   On the laws of prayer and blessings by R. Israel Jacob b. Yom Tov Algazi (1680–1756), halakhic scholar and kabbalist, grandson of both R. (Nissim) Solomon Algazi and Joseph Hazzan. Probably born in Smyrna, R. Algazi lived in Safed, and for a few years, prior to 1730, in Smyrna. He was a member of a closed circle of kabbalists headed by R. Jacob Vilna. R. Algazi copied and published Hemdat Yamim (Smyrna, 1731–32), with many of his own glosses. By 1737 he was in Jerusalem and, a year later, dedicated "Neveh Shalom Berit Avraham," a yeshivah founded there for him. R. Algazi became head of Bet El, a bet midrash for pietists, and was consequently known as "the pietist rabbi." His was the first signature on the constitution of the kabbalistic group Ahavat Shalom. R. Algazi was appointed chief rabbi upon the death of his colleague, R. Isaac ha-Kohen (1755), but he died the following year. One of the most productive scholars of his time, he wrote many halakhic and homiletic works including: Emet le-Ya'akov (Constantinople, 1764) on the laws of Torah scrolls; Ara de-Rabbanan (ibid., 1745), reprinted with Judah Ayyash's commentary; Afra de-Ara (Leghorn, 1783), a methodology for Talmud and codes; Hug ha-Arez (Jerusalem, 1910; with addenda, 1927), on the laws of Purim; Ne'ot Ya'akov (Smyrna, 1767); Kehillat Ya'akov (Salonika, 1786), a methodology;sermons Part 1 Shema Ya'akov (Constantinople, 1745); and Part 2; She'erit Ya'akov (ibid., 1751). Some of his works are still in manuscript. R. H. J. D. Azulai, who knew him, condensed and completed R. Algazi's work, Emet le-Ya'akov, which he published under the title Le-David Emet (1786).
Paragraph 2    אשר פעל ועשה ... אבא [ר' ישראל יעקב אלגאזי] ... ואפריון נמטיה לרחמתין עזיזא ... כמה"ר אברהם חאיון ... אשר טרח ויגע להוציא לאור ... ויות' מהמה הוסיף נופך משלו ... פי המדבר ... יום טוב בלא"א ... ר' ישראל יעקב אלגאזי ס"ט תנצב"ה ...

דיני תפילה ומנהגי בית-הכנסת בחול. עם הקדמה מאת ר' אברהם חאיון. דף קצא-שכט: "שלמי חגיגה", דיני תפילה ומנהגי בית הכנסת בשבת ובמועדים. עם שער מיוחד. שלמי חגיגה צורף רק לחלק מן הטפסים. בטפסים שנועדו להמכר בנפרד יש שינויים טיפוגראפיים בדף של, שנדפס מחדש: הדף מסומן 'קצא' (כלומר: המשך מיספר הדפים שלפני "שלמי חגיגה"), והמפתחות מתחילים בראש הדף (בטפסים האחרים מתחילים המפתחות בדף שכט,ב). יש גם שינויי-כתיב בין שתי ההדפסות של דף זה.

   CD-EPI 0109975; EJ; M. Benayahu, Rabbi H. Y. D. Azulai (Heb., 1959), 351ff.
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