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Title (English)    Pe'er Joseph
Title (Hebrew)    פאר יוסף
Author    [Hasidim - Only] R. Alexander Sender Weiss
City    Sighet
Publisher    Central
Publication Date    1935
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 106; 22 pp.; 12, [6] ff., 194:123 mm., usual light age staining. A good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed and split.
   Several works on and by the Admor of Spinka, R. Joseph Meir b. Shmuel Zvi Weiss (1838-1909). Born in Mun­kacs, as a child, Jo­seph Meir became known as an "Illui." He studied under his uncle R. Yitzhak Eizig of Svalyava. He also visited R. Shalom Rokeah of Belz. In 1852, he was sent to Ungvar to study under R. Meir ben Judah Leib Eisen­stadt. He then continued his studies under R. Eisenstadt's son, R. Menahem, and under R. Shmelke Klein of Nagyszollos.

In 1854, he married Pearl, the daughter of R. Mordecai of Borsa, a descendant of R. Meir of Przemyshlan, where he lived for a number of years and established a yeshiva. Apart from R. Shalom Rokeah of Belz, whom he called "my master, my teacher, and my guide," he also visited R. Mendel Hager of Vishnitz and R. Yitzhak Eizig of Zy­daczov, who encouraged him to become a rebbe. He corresponded with the leading rabbinical authorities of his time, among them, R. Yitzhak Elhanan Spector of Kovno and R. Shalom Mordecai Hakohen Schwa­dron of Brzezany.

In the summer of 1857, his young wife died suddenly. A year later, he remarried. After Purim 1868, his second wife died in Munkacz, leaving him with two young daugh­ters. In 1870, he married the widowed daugh­ter of R. Ezra Jacob Bash of Spinka, a hasid of Zanz.

In Sivan 1873, he became rebbe in Spinka. Thousands of hasidim from Hungary and Galicia thronged to him. like all Hungarian Jews, he was deeply concerned about the Tisza-Eszlar blood accusation of 1882. Apart from his regular yoshvim, all were welcome in his house. "Eat, dear children, eat!" the rabbi exhorted his indigent guests. Every day he distributed eighteen gulden­one-third to the poor, one-third to his yosh­vim, and one-third to the poor of the Holy Land.

His works were published posthumously: Imrei Yosef on Genesis (Sighet, 1910); on Exodus (Munkacs, 1911); on Leviticus and Numbers (Sighet, 1913); on Deuteronomy (Seini, 1922); on Festivals, part one (Var­anov, 1929); part two (Varanov, 1931); Hak­damot Likkutei Torah VeHaShas (Munkacs, 1911); Kuntres Berakhot VeHodaot (Sighet, 1912); Zemirot Shabbat (Brooklyn, 1974); and Sefer Minhagei Spinka (Bene Berak, 1981). In Elu11974, his remains were brought from Romania and reinterred, in Petah Tik­vah.

Paragraph 2    קונטרוס ברכות והודאות
סדר הקפות לשמיני עצרת ושמחת תורה

סיפורי תולדות, קורות נפלאות, ומאמרים והתנהגות רבינו ... יוסף מאיר [ווייס] זצ"ל, נוהג ... עמו בסאפינקא ... נקבצו ... מאת אלכסנדר סענדר ווייס מסאפינקא בן ... מו"ה ישראל דוב ווייס ז"ל מקערעצקי ...

מעמ' סה ואילך נדפס כנראה בסאטומארע. עמ' נז-קו: "הנני להדפיס פה ההקדמה אשר כתב [ר' יוסף מאיר מספינקא] על ספר ליקוטי תורה והש"ס להמרי"א [יצחק אייזיק אייכענשטיין] זצ"ל מזידיטשוב [מ.- סיגעט תרנ"ב]". כב עמ', יב, [6] דף, עם שער מיוחד: קונטרוס ברכות והודאות וסדר ההקפות ומנהגים ... אשר נהג אדומו"ר ... ר' יוסף מאיר מסאפינקא ... יצא לאור ע"י השתדלות והוצאות ר' סענדער ווייס מספינקא. סאטומארע, דפוס מאיר ליב הירש, תרצ"ה [1935]. יב דף, עם שער מיוחד: סדר הקפות לשמיני עצרת ושמחת תורה כפי מנהג וסדר של ... מו"ה יוסף מאיר ... מספינקא ... [6] דף: בן יכבד אב ... ארשום פה מעט תולדות מא"א ... ר' ישראל דוב ז"ל. הסכמה: ר' יצחק אייזיק ב"ר י"מ [יוסף מאיר ווייס] מספינקא, סעליש, ב תצא תרצ"ד.

   CD-EPI 0131313; Y. J. Cohen, Sages of Transylvania, 1630-1944, pI. 2, pp. 91-92; Enc. Hasidim
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