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Title (English)    Mikra Kodesh
Title (Hebrew)    מקרא קדש
Author    R. Mordecai ben Jacob Abadi
City    Cairo - Aleppo
Publisher    Moskovich
Publication Date    1930
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   [3] ff., 3-90, 25 pp. octavo 180:120 mm., pp. 57-58 with small loss, age & use staining, bound in modern boards.
   Prayers and supplications to be said Aram Zova (Aleppo) before sunrise and Friday evenings by R. Mordecai ben Jacob Abadi. There is an approbation from R. Hayyim Naham of Mizraim, followed by a list of the individuals who helped finance publication, verse by R. Abraham Saul ben Michael, including a pizmon for milah. Although Friedberg does record R. Abadi’s Mikra Kodesh he omits this edition.

R. Mordecai ben Jacob Abadi (1826-83) was a noted scholar, kabbalist, and dayyan in Aram Zova. He also served as rabbi for a time in Kills, Turkey. R. Abadi had many students who later became prominent who were deeply attached to him. One, R. Elijah Hamway, who had moved to Erez Israel, wrote to R. Abadi that “I wish I had wings to fly back to you to hear your words of Torah.” Other students include R. Jacob Saul Dweck. An example of R. Adabi’s brilliance in learning is cited by R. Hayyim Ades, recounting an instance, when learning an unusual haakhic ruling or R. Abraham ben David of Posquieres (Ra’avad) which, based on all the accepted approaches to the subject was incomprehensible. R. Adabi came up with an unusual way of learning the gemara that suggested what the ra’avad must have been thinking, thereby resolving all the questions and doubts as to the Ra’avad’s ruling. R. Elijah Tawil, one of the students in the group was somewhat skeptical. While admitting that the solution was brilliant and innovative he questioned whether R/ Abadi could have rereated Ra’avad’s thought process. The following day, one of the rabbis learning Temim Deyim, a book of responsa by the Ra’avd, found, in a responsum, an explanation of the subject gemara, which the Ra’avad explained, word for word, in the manner done the previous day by R. Abadi. On one occasion a wealthy businessman complained to R. Abadi that of contemporary rabbis who make money and investment, implying that they should stick to Torah and stay out of that which the province of businessmen. R. Adabi responded that God gives money to businessmen as a pikadon to be given to Torah scholars, and as a reward for doing so they can keep some of the money as well. When the businessmen don’t fulfill their mission God gives the money to the rabbis directly.

Paragraph 2    המה הבקשות, שירים ושירות... הנאמרים אחר חצות לילה... ליל שב"ק [שבת קודש] בקהל... באר"ץ [בארם צובה]... וגלילותיה... ועתה גם בארץ מצרים... וכבר יצא לאור ע"י... הרב... מרדכי עבאדי [ליוורנו תרכ"ד]... וחבר שער השיר... נדפס פעם ב ע"י בני הרב [ארם צובא תרל"ג]... ופעם ג ע"י... שאול הכהן מאר"ץ [ליוורנו תרמ"ד]... והשתדלו בהדפסתו... עובדיה ענטר... אברהם שחיבר... יוסף א' הלוי אשכנזי... שעמדו וקבצו כסף נדבות מאחינו תושבי מצרים...

בראש הספר שמות המתנדבים להדפסת הספר; "שיר לחברת הקמת כתר תורה, יסדו... אברהם שאול בן מיכאל" ו"פזמון למילה, סי' שלמה חזן". על פי ליוורנו תרמ"ד. "שער השיר" נשמט ובסוף הספר נוספו פיוטים רבים. כה עמ': מה שירים (תוספת), בלתי מנוקדים. הסכמה: ר' חיים נחום, מצרים, ערב פורים תר"ץ.

   BE mem 3521; Sutton, Aleppo pp. 76-78; CD-EPI 0310396
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