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Title (English)    Kevod Melakhim
Title (Hebrew)    כבוד מלכים
Author    [First Ed.] R. Moses Zevi ben Shalom Landau
City    Kleinwardein
Publisher    Abraham Isaac Klein
Publication Date    1934
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. 86 ff. octavo 225:150 mm., usual age staining. A good copy loose in contemporary boards, split.
   First, and as an independent work, only edition of this compilation on fulfilling several independent mitzvot by R. Moses Zevi ben Shalom Landau. The title page states that Kevod Melakhim is four open books in which the heart and soul will rejoice, first and foremost Halakhah le-Moshe, a collection of all the halakhot brought in the works of the poskim and scattered in the field of responsa; and Shalom ve-Emet, to search and understand the holy knowledge; and Ta’am ha-Zevi, “and the taste of it was like the taste of fresh oil” (Numbers 11:8) “like wafers made with honey” (Exodus 17:31) of our rabbis master of aggadah with additional buds and flowers; and Sha’arei Shalom, opening the door to those who knock on the gates, excellent in halakhah, for “all who come into the tent (Ohel Mo’ed)” (Numbers 19:14), the tent of Torah and wishes to understand and discern the knowledge of our rabbis the poskim. There is an introduction on the verso of the title page and then Kevod Melakhim, which begins with dinei Kafia, that is the responsibility of the bet din to compel someone to fulfill a mitzvah. The text is in a single column in square letters and below it in Shalom ve-Emet, detailed glosses in two columns in rabbinic letters. Next is the laws concerning squandering money, onas and shogeg and mazid, all in the same manner.

R. Moses Zevi ben Shalom Landau (1878-1941) was dayyan in Kleinwardein. He learned by his father and afterwards by the Kiddushes Yom Tov in Sighet and the Arugat ha-Bassim in Hust. He was the son-in-law of R. Naphtali Schreiber Domitz in Kleinwardein. After the death of his father-in-law R. Landau succeeded him as dayyan. R. Landau wrote several other works, among them Mezuzot Melakhim, part of his larger Shulhan Melakhim.

Paragraph 2    ארבעה ספרים בו... הראשון הלכה למשה, קובץ כל ההלכות (על קיום מצות עשה ... שגגת לאו ואונס... המתכוון לדבר איסר ועלה בידו דבר היתר) הבאות בספרי הפוסקים... עם... שלום ואמת... להבין דעת קדושים... טעם צבי... בתוספות ציצים ופרחים... שערי שלום (פתיחה לדיני אונס שוגג ומזיד)... חברו... על ידי... משה צבי בלאאמו"ר... מו"ה שלום לאנדא מוואלאווע זצ"ל יושב על כסא ההוראה... פק"ק קליינווארדיין... יצא לאור על ידי בני הרב... מו"ה ישראל אפרים פישל לאנדא...
   BE caf 44; Cohen, Hungary 537-38; CD-EPI 0142179
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