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Title (English)    Mareh Yehezkel
Title (Hebrew)    מראה יחזקאל
Author    [R. Panet Copy] R. Ezekiel b. Joseph Panet
City    Dez
Publisher    Rivka Bernat
Publication Date    1894
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. [2], 50; 43 ff., 240:202 mm., wide margins, old hands and stamps, usual age staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary half cloth boards, rubbed.
Paragraph 1    The R. Ezekiel b. Moses Panet (b. 1872-1931), Admor of Dez and the author of Knesset Yeheskel , copy with his inscription on title and f.1. Admor R. Ezekiel ben Moses Panet (1870-1929) was known as an illui and for his great mental acuity. At the age of six he was already writing novellae on the Torah and at seven he was putting on tefillin. He was a great-grandson of R. Ezekiel ben Joseph Panet (1783–1845), grandson of R. Menahem Mendel of Des (1818-85), and the second son of R. Moses Panet of Des (1843-1902). R. Ezekiel was close to R. Ezekiel of Sianiawa. He married Hayyah Sarah, the daughter of R. Samuel Judah Pollack. R. Ezekiel Panet served, from 1895, as rabbi of Marousujvar, and, after the death of his father, as rabbi of Dej, where he was accepted as admor by many thousands of hasidim.
   Homilies and hasidic sayings to the Pentateuch by R. Ezekiel b. Joseph Panet (1783–1845), Transylvanian rabbi. He was born in Bielitz (Bielsko), Silesia. Under the Familiants Laws, as the second son of his father, he was forbidden to marry in the country and went to Linsk in Poland. He continued his studies in Linsk until 1807, when he was appointed rabbi of Ostrik in Galicia, and in 1813 became rabbi of Tarcal in Hungary. R. Panet held the hasidic rabbis in high esteem and maintained close contacts with them. While in Tarcal he became particularly intimate with the hasidic rabbi R. Isaac Taub, the rabbi of Nagykallo. According to the inscription on his tombstone, R. Panet also engaged in Kabbalah. After the death of R. Mendel, the rabbi of Alba-Iulia (Karlsburg), in 1823, the community asked R. Moses Sofer to recommend a successor. Panet was one of three candidates recommended by R. Sofer, and he was elected, serving until his death. From 1754 to 1868 the rabbi of this ancient community was regarded as the chief rabbi of Transylvania, and in fact his seal bore the Latin inscription: Supperabi Transilvaniae-sigil-Ezechiel Panet.

The Jewish population of the district was small at the time, and religious life was at a low ebb. R. Panet acted energetically in bringing about a religious revival. Since there were practically no other rabbis in the whole province, he supervised the religious life of the whole area, making regular and repeated journeys for this purpose to the smallest and most isolated communities. During his period of office the community of Alba-Iulia (Karlsburg) gradually went over from the Sephardi rite, which had hitherto prevailed, to the Ashkenazi. Although according to a family tradition R. Panet left about 18 bound volumes in manuscript, few of his works were published (posthumously): the responsa Mareh Yehezkel u-She'arei Ziyyon (1875) and the current volume on the Pentateuch. R. Panet also collected funds for the Hungarian kolel in Erez Israel.

Paragraph 2    חלק ראשון על חמשה חומשי תורה וחלק שני הנקרא בשם שארית ציון. דרושים על המועדים... יוצאים מפה... מו"ה יחזקאל פאנעט זצללה"ה, שהי' אב"ד דק"ק קארלסבורג... הבאתיו לביה"ד הק' שבתי במו"ה משה [ניסל] ז"ל, אשר הי' בעל נכד[ת] המחבר, עם בני... מו"ה יחזקאל יצחק אייזיק ני' נכד המחבר...

דף א,ב-ב: דרוש... מבן המחבר... מו"ה חיים בצלאל זצ"ל מטאשנאד. [1], מג דף, עם שער מיוחד: ספר מראה יחזקאל, חלק שני הנקרא שארית ציון... 1893. בראשי העמודים: שארית ציון. דף לג,א: ביאור מנכד המחבר... מו"ה משה פאנעט שליט"א.

[הסכמה] מכתב תעודה: ר' משה פאנעט, דעעש, ב משפטים תרנ"ד, גיסו של המוציא לאור ונכד המחבר.

   CD-EPI 0179716; EJ; P. Paneth, Rabbenu Jecheskal (Eng., 1927); J. J. Cohen, in: Ha-Ma'yan, 4 no. 2 (1964), 34–45.
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