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Title (English)    Yad ha-Melekh
Title (Hebrew)    יד המלך
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Eleazar b. Israel Landau
City    Lvov
Publisher    Matfus
Publication Date    1810-26
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [5], 70; 74; [3], 63, 18, [3] ff., folio 360:210 mm., wide margins, light age and damp staining, stamps. A very good copy bound in modern boards.
   Only edition of this work on the Mishneh Torah of the Rambam (Maimonides) by R. Eleazar ben Israel Landau. Yad ha-Melekh was written in four parts of which three only were published (part three was not published), all present here. Yad ha-Melekh is detailed and scholarly novellae on the Mishneh Torah. Each part has its own title page. Part one is on Madah, Ahavah, and Zemanim. Part two is on Nashim and the final part, four, is on Nezikin, Kinyan, Mishpat and Shoftim.

R. Eleazar ben Israel Landau (1778–1831) was a rabbi, talmudic scholar, and author. He was a grandson of R. Ezekiel Landau of Prague, was educated in the home of his stepfather R. Moses Hasid of Ropshitz. He took up residence in Lemberg and then in Brody, where he first engaged in business. In 1829, however, he was appointed rabbi of Brody while R. Aryeh Leib Teomim , the incumbent rabbi of the town, was still alive but sick and bedridden. R. Teomim was not told of the appointment so as not to aggravate his illness. R. Landau died before R. Teomim, however, during an outbreak of cholera in Brody. R. Landau was also the author of Yad ha-Melekh of many unpublished manuscripts, among them Kunteres Kelalim, on the methodology of the Talmud, and Kedushah ve-Tohorah, on the orders Kodoshim and Tohorot. His responsa to R. Samuel Landau, the son of R. Ezekiel Landau, were published in the Noda bi-Yhudah Second Series, Even ha-Ezer, nos. 120–2; other responsa are found in the Mei Be'er (Vienna, 1829) of Beer Oppenheimer (45b–47a) and in the Zekher Yeshayahu (Vilna, 1881) of Zechariah Isaiah Jolles (nos. 17–18). R. Landau was also in halakhic correspondence with R. Moses Sofer .

Paragraph 2    ... חידושי הלכות... וביאורים... על משנה תורה... לרבינו משה בר מיימון... חברו ... ר' אלעזר סג"ל לנדא בן... ר' ישראל הלוי לנדא... חלק א-ב, ד.

חלק ג לא נדפס. חלק א: [מדע, אהבה, זמנים] גם... מאמר היראה והחכמה. דפוס אהרן בן חיים דוד הלוי סג"ל Matfus, תקפ"ו. [3], ע דף. חלק א: דף מו,ב-נ,א: קונטרס כל נדר וכל שבועה. חלק ב: (ספר [נשים] קדושה). דפוס נפתלי הירץ גרושמאן, תק"ע. עד דף. דומה שבדפוס גרושמאן נדפסו רק מב דף הראשונים של חלק ב, ואילו הדפים מג-עד (הלכות סוטה; ספר קדושה) נדפסו בדפוס אהרן הלוי סג"ל. מב דף הנז' נספחו גם לחלק ב של משנה תורה, הוצאת לבוב תק"ע. חלק ד: (נזיקין וקנין, משפטים ושופטים) ומאמר... האמונה והבטחון. דפוס אהרן בן חיים דוד הלוי סג"ל Matfus, תק"ע. [3], סג, יח, [6] דף.

   BE yod 152; Eisenstadt-Wiener, Da'at Ḳedoshim, p. 133.S; EJ; CD-EPI
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