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Title (English)    Hassidut, Kabbalah - Tiferet Uzziel; Kaneh Avraham
Title (Hebrew)    תפארת עוזיאל : קנה אברהם
Author    R. Uzziel ben Zevi Hirsch Meisels;R.Abraham Abusch
City    Bilgoraj; Warsaw
Publication Date    1909; 1908
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   112, [1], 5-70, 113-114 pp. 103 ff. quarto 225:160 mm., nice margins, usual age staining. Good copies bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.
   Two independent works bound together. The first title, in two parts, is Tiferet Uzziel by R. Uzziel ben Zevi Hirsch Meisels. It is a collection of R. Meisel’s works,m Hasidic Torah, published post-humously by his grandchildren. The first part is discourses on the weekly Torah readings, the second on festivals, selections from books of the Bible, and eulogies. It has approbations from R. Isaac Meir Alter, R. Hayyim Halberstam, R. Jacob Aryeh Guterman, R. Joshua ben Solomon Leib, R. Jacob David Kalish, and R. Judah Leib Eiger. Tiferet Uzzi'el includes moralistic hasidic sermons, combined with kabbalistic themes, though even these reflect the style of the halakhist, and contains many sayings of the founders of Hasidism. R. Uzziel ben Zevi Hirsch Meisels (1743–1785 or 1786) was a hasidic rabbi in Poland. Meisels was a member of an old rabbinic family in Poland, and a descendant of R. Moses Isserles whom he calls "my grandfather" in his works. He served as av bet din in Rychwal (Bogatynia), Ostrowiec, and Nowy Dwor. Attracted to Hasidism he became a disciple of R. Dov Baer, the Maggid of Mezhirech, and with his brother Isaac became one of the propagators of Hasidism in Poland. A considerable portion of his teachings in the yeshivah has been lost. His works include Ez ha-Da'at Tov, novellae on tractates Ketubbot (1863) and Shabbat (1866); Menorah ha-Tehorah (1883/84), on Tur, Orah Hayyim, Hilkhot Shabbat; and Tiferet Zevi (1803), on tractate Bezah. R. Meisels was called עבד ה׳ ("Servant of the Lord"), eved being the initial letters of Uzziel ben Dreizel (his mother's name).

The second work is Kaneh Avraham which is Birkhat Avraham. It is a kabbalistic commentary, in the manner of Pardes, on Genesis. It has a number of approbations followed by the introduction and the text. R. Abraham Abusch ben Zevi Hirsch (1700–1769) was German rabbi and halakhist. He was also called R. Abraham Abusch Lissa and also R. Abusch Frankfurter, from the towns Lissa and Frankfurt where he served as rabbi, after having been rabbi of Mezhirech. After the interregnum brought about by the departure of R. Jacob Joshua Falk, the community of Frankfurt approached him to become its rabbi. The community of Lissa was reluctant to part with him and only did so after much persuasion on the part of the communal leaders of Frankfurt. His pious and meek disposition and the stories of his charitable deeds became legendary. The name of R. Abraham Abusch is associated with a cause célèbre, "the Cleves get". Although several renowned rabbis approved the divorce Abraham persisted in his opinion that it was invalid. The members of his community supported him by enacting a regulation barring from the Frankfurt rabbinate anyone who had approved the divorce. For some time, he also held the important position of parnas or president of the "*Councils of the Lands ." Although he was renowned as a talmudic scholar, few of his writings have survived. Several of his works appeared under the title Birkat Avraham: (1) novellae on five tractates of Seder Mo'ed (1881); (2) commentary on the Passover Haggadah (1887), with a supplement, Mahazeh Avraham (1908); (3) a volume also known as Kaneh Avraham (1884); (4) a commentary on Berakhot (1930); and (5) on Ruth (1934). He also wrote Darkhei ha-Hayyim, on remedies, medicines, and charms (1912). His ethical will was also published (1806).

Paragraph 2    תפארת עוזיאל ... דברים... יצאו מפה... רבינו.. עוזיאל מייזליש זצוקללה"ה אבד"ק אוסטראווצי וריטשוואל ועיר חדש... הספר הזה נדפס [כחלק שני של ספרו "עץ הדעת טוב" על מסכת כתובות, עיין למעלה]... הוצאתיו עוד הפעם לאור ... מנחם מענדיל באאמו"ר אברהם אבא נ"י. הובא לבית הדפוס ע"י ר' משה ליפשיטץ... בווארשא... חלק א-ב.

ר' יצחק מאיר [אלטער], - חלק א ר'חיים האלבערשטאם, - חלק א ר' יעקב ארי' [גוטערמאן] מראדזימין, - חלק א ר' יהושע [ב"ר שלמה ליב מאוסטרובה]; - חלק א ר' יעקב דוד [קאליש] מאמשינאוו - חלק א ור' יהודה ליב אייגער, - חלק א

חלק א: על חמשה חומשי תורה וחמש מגילות. 114 עמ'. חלק א: הסכמות: מספרו עץ הדעת טוב על מסכת כתובות ומן ההוצאה הראשונה. חלק ב: על מועדים ועל נביאים וכתובים והוויות דאביי ורבא. [1], 70-5 עמ'.

   BE tav 1564; EJ; CD-EPI 0147730
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