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Title (English)    Biblia Hebraica
Title (Hebrew)    עשרים וארבע ספרי הקדש
Author    [Bible]
City    Halle - Philadelphia
Publisher    Orphanotrophei
Publication Date    1720
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Three volumes, [6], 32 pp., 332, [1], 16, 334-402, 12, 403-464, 4, 465-888 ff., 225:123 mm., light age and damp staining, sharp edges in red. A very good copy bound in the contemporary boards, rubbed and split.
Paragraph 1    The copy of Caspar René Gregory (1846–1917), American-born German theologian, with his inscription on inside front panel. Gregory was born in Philadelphia. He studied theology at two Presbyterian seminaries: in 1865-67 at the University of Pennsylvania and at Princeton Theological Seminary (1867-73). In 1873, he decided to continue his studies at the University of Leipzig under Constantin von Tischendorf, to whose work on textual criticism of the New Testament he had been referred by his teacher, Ezra Abbot. He administered the scientific legacy of Tischendorf, who died in 1874, and continued his work.

In 1876, he obtained his PhD. with a dissertation on Gregorè the priest and the revolutionist. The first examiner for it was the historian, Georg Voigt. He completed his post-doctoral work in Leipzig in 1884, and became an associate professor in 1889 and a full honorary professor in 1891. He apparently had several doctorates: Karl Josef Friedrich (p. 130) even mentions five doctorates in his biography of Gregory. At least one doctorate in theology obtained in Leipzig in 1889 is attested. In August 1914, Gregory, who had been a citizen of Saxony since 1881, enlisted in the German Army as its the oldest wartime volunteer.[citation needed] He became a second lieutenant in 1916 and fell in 1917 on the western front. He died on April 9, 1917 in a field hospital in Neufchâtel-sur-Aisne, France. Gregory specialized in NT textual criticism. He organized biblical manuscripts into a classification system (Die griechischen Handschriften des Neuen Testaments, 1908) which is the system in use throughout the scholarly world today. He is also credited with being the first to notice the consistent medieval practice (called Gregory's Law or Gregory's Rule) of collating parchment leaves so that grain side faced grain side and flesh side flesh side.

   The text with cantillation and pronounciation symbols, Latin commentary. Full t.p.: sive Biblia Hebraica, ex aliquot manuscriptis et compluribus impressis codicibus, item masoratam edita, quam manuscripta, aliisque hebraeorum criticis diligenter recensita. praeter nova lemmata textus s. in pentateucho, accedunt loca scripturae parallela, verbalia et realia, brevesque adnotationes, quibus nucleus Graecae LXX. interpretum et 00. versionum exhibetur, difficiles in textu dictiones et phrases explicantur, ac dubia resolvuntur; ut succincti commentarii vicem praestare possint. singulis denique columnis selectae variantes lectiones subiiciuntur cura ac studio D. Io. Heinr. Michaelis... et ex parte opera sociorum; ut pluribus in praefatione dicetur...
Paragraph 2    חלקים מהשער בדיו אדומה. קדם לו שער מצוייר בפיתוח נחושת. לנביאים ראשונים, לנביאים אחרונים ולכתובים שערים חלקיים, בעברית ובלאטינית. הוצאה זו נערכה על ידי מיכאליס, שהשתמש גם בכתבי-יד השונים מאלו שעל פיהם נדפסה הוצאת המקראות גדולות ויניציאה רפ"ה-רפ"ו. עם תרגום לאטיני של המסורה הקטנה ופירוש בלאטינית, ובו חילופי גרסאות. [6] עמ': הקדשה בלאטינית לפרידריך וילהלם מלך פרוסיה. 32 עמ': הקדמת המהדיר, בלאטינית. 4 ;12 ;16 עמ': הקדמות בלאטינית, לישעיהו, ירמיהו ויחזקאל. נכרכו (לפי ההוראות לכורך, הנמצאות בסוף הספר) כל אחת במקומה (לפני הדפים שלד; תג; תסה). במקביל נדפסה מהדורה דומה, בתבנית #8. חלקים גדולים נדפסו באותו סדר-אותיות ובאותו עימוד.
   CD-EPI 0182406; Wikipedia
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