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Title (English)    Likkutei Halakhot , Hoshen Mishpat, Part I
Title (Hebrew)    לקוטי הלכות- חשן משפט
Author    [Hasidic-Kabbalah-First Ed.] R. Nathan Sternharz
City    Lemberg
Publisher    D. H. Schrenzel
Publication Date    1859
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. [2], 79, 119, [8] ff., 257:194 mm., nice margins, age and damp staining, old stamps on title, scattered worming affecting few letters. A good copy bound in recent boards, rubbed. A complete copy with the publisher’s preface and all index leaves.
   The laws of Shulhan Arukh Hoshen Mishpat, Part I, following the teachings of the Kabbalah and the Hasidut of R. Nahman of Bratslav, by his disciple R. Nathan Sternharz.

R. Nathan Sternharz (1780–1845), disciple and companion of R. Nahman of Bratslav, organizer of Bratslav Hasidism, and its leader after R. Nahman's death. R. Nathan was born in Neirov and was known as a scholar and talented writer even in his youth. In 1793 he married the daughter of R. David Zevi, rabbi of Shargorod and a Mitnagged. R. Nathan was drawn to Hasidism and visited some of the great Hasidim. The decisive event of his life was a meeting with R. Nahman of Bratslav in 1802, when the two formed a deep and unique friendship that lasted until R. Nahman's death. R. Nathan soon became R. Nahman's most devoted disciple. He spread knowledge about his teacher and expounded his teaching. In fact, R. Nahman's personal charisma became integral to the thought and habits of his followers through R. Nathan's devotion and efforts. Although R. Nathan became the actual leader of Bratslav Hasidim on R. Nahman's death in 1810, he refused to assume the official title of hasidic rabbi, a gesture which established the special character of Bratslav Hasidim who acknowledge R. Nahman as their only rabbi. R. Nathan worked arduously to spread R. Nahman's teachings. He guided and extended the movement of R. Nahman's followers. He often visited the Bratslav Hasidim and sent them numerous letters, thus spreading the rabbi's teaching and encouraging the Hasidim who suffered persecutions which culminated in their excommunication in 1835 by R. Moses Zevi of Savran. With charm and moderation he refuted the calumnies against the movement and, at the same time, encouraged the Hasidim in their firm belief in the greatness of R. Nahman and in the truth of his teachings. Despite violent personal persecution (including denunciation to the authorities and arrest), R. Nathan not only succeeded in establishing the basic patterns and direction of the movement (e.g., visiting R. Nahman's tomb in Uman), but also succeeded in maintaining and even increasing the number of its followers. R. Nathan transcribed and edited R. Nahman's teachings, everyday talks and stories. He published, on his own initiative, R. Nahman's principal books, Likkutei Moharan (Ostrog, 1808), Sefer ha-Middot (Mogilev, 1811), and Sippurei Ma'asiyyot (Berdichev, 1895). His own literary activity was prolific and varied. He wrote, for example, Hayyei Moharan (1875), Sihot ha-Ran (1864), and Shivhei ha-Ran (1864), depicting his teacher's life and greatness. Fulfilling R. Nahman's request "to turn his teaching into prayers," he wrote also Likkutei Tefillah (Bratslav, 1824–27), a poetic work based on Likkutei Moharan. He continued to expound and develop R. Nahman's teaching in his great work, Likkutei Halakhot (1847–48). R. Nathan died in Bratslav, and was buried in Uman beside his teacher.

Paragraph 2    על ש"ע [שולחן ערוך]... על ... חידושי תורתו של... רבינו נחמן... יסדתי אמרותי. ע"פ פקודתו ז"ל. לבאר ולחדש בכל הלכה והלכה מכל ד חלקי הש"ע... בדרך חכמת האמת... ומוסר השכל ועצות... ע"פ ההקדמות שקבלתי ממנו ... מפיו ומפי כתביו [ר' נתן שטרנהארץ. העתיק והביא לבית הדפוס והוסיף הקדמות, חידושים ומפתחות ר' נחמן ישראל הלוי חזן מטולטשין]...

חשן משפט. הלכות דיינים - הלכות אפטרופס [סימן א-רף]. Lemberg, דפוס Schrenzel .H .D, 1859 [תרי"ט]. [2], עט; קיט דף. עם הקדמת המעתיק. ג' שלום, שם, עמ' 11, מס' 26, רושם: [2], 79, 114, [8] דף, ובסוף מפתחות לחלק זה באריכות. בטופס שלפנינו חסרים המפתחות.

   CD-EPI 0169820; EJ
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