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Title (English)    Peri Ez Hayyim
Title (Hebrew)    פרי עץ חיים
Author    [Kabbalah] R. Hayyim Vital
City    Dubrovno
Publisher    Barukh b. Elijah & Isaac b. Samuel
Publication Date    1803
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First revised edition. 150, [1] ff., folio, 352:210 mm., wide margins, light age and damp staining, paper repairs, some blue tint paper. A very good copy bound in later half cloth and marbled paper over boards, rubbed.
Paragraph 1    The fifth of only six Hebrew works printed in this city.
   An exposition of Lurianic Kabbalah on matters of prayer and mystical meditations (kavvanot) by R. Hayyim Ben Joseph Vital (1542–1620), one of the greatest kabbalists, and the leading disciple of R. Isaac Ben Solomon Luria Ashkenazi (1534–1572, ha-Ari). Peri Ez Hayyim is that part of Lurianic Kabbalah pertaining to matters of prayer and mystical meditations. Ttitle page verso are approbations from leading rabbis. The volume begins with an introduction (2a-4b), followed by the text, which is divided into twenty nine sha’arim, each subdivided into chapters. The subject matter begins with Tefilah, Berakhot, and includes such other subjects as Zizit, Tephilin, Amidah, ha-Mittah, Shabbat, concluding with Lulav. Peri Ez Hayyim contains all the kavvanot on those subjects for weekdays and Shabbat, as appropriate.

R. Vital was born in Safed and studied in yeshivot there, especially under R. Moses Alshekh, his teacher in exoteric subjects. In 1564 he began to study Kabbalah, at first according to the system R. Moses Cordovero, and, after R. Isaac Luria’s (Ari) arrival in Safed, under the latter, becoming the Ari’s principal disciple. After the Ari’s deat, R. Vital began to arrange the Ari’s teachings in written form, elaborating on them according to his own understanding, becoming the primary transmitter of the Ari’s teachings. R. Vital later moved to Jerusalem, serving as rabbi and head of a yeshivah from late 1577 to late 1585, where he wrote the last version of his presentation of the Lurianic system. In 1586 he returned to Safed, remaining there until 1592. In 1590 R. Vital was “ordained” as rabbi by his teacher R. Moses Alshekh, and then returned to Jerusalem in 1593 remaining several years, occasionally returning to Safed. His last move was to Damascus where he died. R. Vital was a prolific writer, his works encompassing Talmud, response, homilies, and even astronomy. R. Vital assembled his major writings into two vast works Ez ha-Hayyim and Ez ha-Da’at. The former is the inclusive name for all those writings in which he elaborated on the teaching of Isaac Luria. These works went through several versions and adaptations, for Vital began to arrange what he had heard from Luria immediately after his death, remained absorbed in this task for more than 20 years.

Paragraph 2    ... בתוספת מרובה מהחברים, אשר לא נמצאו בדפוסים הראשונים ... ובתוספות הגה"ה מדוייקת ...

מעבר לשער התנצלות המגיה, ר' משה ב"ר מאיר מדובראוונא: "ונדפס פעמים שלש בק"ק קארץ אך לא ראי זה כראי זה, כי בפעם שלישית שנדפס נמצא תוספ' מרובה מהחברים, וגם זה שנמצא, בסגנון אחר ובנ"א [ובנוסחא אחרת] ... בעת הדפסה הזאת נתתי אל לבי לקרבה אל המלאכה ולברר הנוסחא האמיתית". האמת, שהמגיה שם לו יסוד ההוצאה השנייה והשלישית והוסיף דברים ממקור נוסף. כן הוסיף את הקדמת ר' נתן שפירא ועניינים שונים (כגון: שער הנהגת הלימוד, בסוף חלק א) שבאו בהוצאה הראשונה, קארעץ תקמ"ב, ולא נדפסו בהוצאה השנייה והשלישית. הספר הובא לדפוס על-ידי ר' ישראל ב"ר ישעיהו מק"ק לאדי, כפי שנאמר בהסכמות.

הסכמות: א"ש [אורי שרגא] פייבוש בר"ש [שניאור] זלמן, דובראוונא, יד כסליו תקס"ד; ר' חנוך הענוך ב"ר שמואל שי"ק ור' צבי הירש ב"ר מ[איר], שקלאוו, יד כסליו תקס"ד. נוסח ההסכמות כמו בספר עץ חיים, שקלאוו תק"ס, אך בשינוי שם מקבל ההסכמות והתאריך.

   CD-EPI 0130732; EJ; Vinograd, Dubrovno 5
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