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Title (English)    Sheva Shetot Le'Ha'Rashba
Title (Hebrew)    שבע שטות להרשב'א
Author    R. Solomon b. Aderet
City    Berlin
Publisher    Aaron b. Moshe Rofeh
Publication Date    1756
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   [1], 132 [i.e. 133] f., folio, 351:215 mm., usual age staining. A good copy bound in modern cloth boards.
   Novellae to seven tractates, Shabbat, Rosh Ha-Shanah, Megillah, Sukkah, Yevamot, Nedarim, and Bava Kamma by R. Solomon b. Abraham ibn Aderet (c. 1235–c. 1310), Spanish rabbi and one of the foremost Jewish scholars of his time, whose influence has remained to this day. The Rashba belonged to a well-to-do family of Barcelona where he lived all his life. His principal teacher was R. Jonah b. Abraham Gerondi and Rashba always refers to him as "my teacher." He also studied under Nahmanides, being considered one of his outstanding students and principal exponent of his "school" in the interpretation of the Talmud. The Rashba headed a yeshivah to which students flocked, even from Germany and other countries. Among his distinguished students were: R. Yom Tov b. Abraham of Seville, R. Shem Tov ibn Gaon, and R. Bahya b. Asher. According to the Rashba , his academy housed valuable manuscripts of the Talmud brought from the Babylonian academies or which had been checked in the academies of Kairouan. It appears that he composed his famous novellae to the Talmud in connection with his lectures to his students. His novellae to 17 tractates of the Talmud have been published: Berakhot (Venice, 1523); Shabbat (Constantinople, 1720); Eruvin (Warsaw, 1895); Bezah (Lemberg, 1847); Rosh Ha-Shanah (in part, Constantinople, 1720,); Megillah (Constantinople, 1720; complete edition, 1956); Yevamot (Constantinople, 1720); Gittin (Venice, 1523); Kiddushin (Constantinople, 1717); Nedarim (ibid., 1720); Bava Kamma (ibid., 1720); Bava Mezia (in part, Jerusalem, 1931); Bava Batra (ibid., 1957); Shevu'ot (Salonika, 1729, and in full, Jerusalem, 1965); Avodah Zarah (in part in Jerusalem, 1966); Hullin (Venice, 1523); Niddah (Altona, 1797 and a complete edition, Jerusalem, 1938).
Paragraph 2    שבת ר"ה מגילה סוכה יבמות נדרים בבא קמא כפי אשר נדפס מקדם בקושטנדינא ... ועתה נתוסף הגה' מדויקת ... ע"י ... ר' זנוויל נייא גס מפ"פ דמיין נר"ו חתן ... ר' מענדל נר"ו דיין דקהלתינו יע"א חתן הגאון מהור"ר מיכל זצ"ל אב"ד דקהלתינו ...

בן-יעקב ופרידברג רושמים גם כאן בטעות, שחידושי מגילה וסוכה הם להריטב"א. הנכון הוא, שחידושי סוכה בלבד הם להריטב"א. חידושי בבא קמא אינם אלא חלק ראשון, עד דף סו.

   CD-EPI 0105662
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