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Title (English)    Tagmulei ha-Nefesh
Title (Hebrew)    תגמולי הנפש
Author    [First Ed.] R. Hillel ben Samuel
City    Lyck
Publisher    Rudolph Siebert - Mekize Nirdamim
Publication Date    1874
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. 28, 44, [2], 44-55, [1], I-XX, [2] pp., 8 vo., 210:125 mm., usual light browning. A very good copy bound in modern paper wrappers.
   Important philosophical work by R. Hillel ben Samuel. Tagmulei ha-Nefesh, Hillel’s most important work, deals with the nature of the soul and the intellect, and the question of the soul’s retribution. Although Hillel generally follows Maimonides’ rationalistic position, he deviates from the allegorical interpretation of miracles and prophetic visions, by holding that these must be taken literally. Hillel follows Averroes in maintaining that there is a universal soul, from which the souls of individuals emanate, like rays from the sun. However, Hillel follows Aquinas, believing in individual immortality.

There are two title pages, the first noting the sponsors in Mekize Nirdamim, the second the composition of the book. There is an introduction, a letter from Moritz Steinschneider (7-23), and the text. Printed with Tagmulei ha-Nefesh is an introduction to the Moreh Nevukhim by Hillel, and three philosophical treatises on knowledge and free will; why mortality resulted from the sin of Adam; and whether or not the belief in the fallen angels is a true belief. This is the first printed edition.

R. Hillel ben Samuel (c. 1220–c. 1295) of Verona was a physician, talmudic scholar, and philosopher. Born in Naples and a resident of Capula, his association with Verona, for which he is known, appears to be limited to his grandfather, R. Eliezer ben Samuel, a tosafist, who was av bet din there. Little is known about Hillel’s personality, place of birth, or life, except that he came from a rabbinic family, and studied philosophy with R. Abraham Abulafi. He also lived in Rome, where he became friendly with R. Zerahiah ben Shealtiel Gracian and the physician Isaac ben Mordecai (Maestro Gaio), who later served as the physician of Pope Nicholas IV. Hillel played a major role in the controversies of 1289–90 concerning the philosophical works of Maimonides, writing letters in defense of Maimonides. He also translated several important medieval works from Latin into Hebrew, which served in his time as textbooks for teaching medicine.

Paragraph 2    להחכם ... ר' הלל, בן החסיד הרב ר' שמואל, בן ... ר' אלעזר מוירונא ז"ל, ופ' הכ"ה הקדמות של מורה לר' הלל הנזכר ז"ל, והעתקות מתוך חבורים אחרים של ר' הלל הנ"ל, ושלשה ענינים נוספים שהוסיף המחבר בעצמו לספרו תגמולי הנפש, ושנויי נוסחאות לס' הנ"ל מתוך כ"י וספרים שונים, והגהות ותקונים. כל אלה נקבצו ... מאת ש' ז' ח' ה' [שלמה זלמן חיים האלברשטאם]. יוצא לאור בפעם ראשונה ...

עמ' [7-] 27: אגרת ר' משה שטיינשניידער אל המו"ל ש' ז' ח' ה'. עמ' [1-2], לג-מ: פי' הכ"ה הקדמות של המורה לר' הלל ז"ל. דף מא-מג: העתקות מחבורי ר' הלל >ע"י מש"ש [משה שטיינשניידר]<: העתקות מס' ל"ב הקדמות מתוך Pseudo-Aristoteles, Liber de causis שלמעשה אינו אלא לקט מחיבורו של פרוקלוס (אותיות יווניות) ס' כריתות מתוך Bruno de Lungoburgo, Chirurgia Magna דף מה-נב: שלשה עניינים נוספים על ס' תגמולי הנפש.

   Guttman, pp. 223-27; Husik, pp. 312-27; EJ; CD-EPI 0126933
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