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Title (English)    Hi’ya Sichati
Title (Hebrew)    הי'א שיחתי
Author    [Only Edition] R. Isaac Elimelech
City    Constantinople
Publisher    Isaac de Castro and sons
Publication Date    1832
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   [7], 2-38 ff., 210:145 mm., nice margins, few minor wormholes in upper margins of few ff., usual age and damp staining, old hands on title. A very good copy bound in modern cloth boards.
   Discourses and eulogies by R. Isaac Elimelech. The title is from the verse “[O how I love your Torah!] It is my meditation הי"א שיחתי [all the day]” (Psalms 119:97). The title page is dated with chronogram based on the verse “Then Isaac sowed in that land ההיא . . . and the Lord blessed him” (Genesis 26:12), and has verses on all for sides of the page, all but one including הי"א. There are introductions (approbations) from R. Elia Anav, who refers to R. Elimelech in conjunction with Aram Zova; R. Abraham ben Isaac ענתיבי of Aram Zova; another from six rabbis in Aram Zova; and from R. Hayyim Isaac Avadi of Aram Zova. At the bottom of the pages with these introductions (approbations) are decorative front-pieces. Next is R. Elimelech’s introduction, written in Constantinople in 1832, in which he points out that הי"א is a notarikon (a system of abbreviations, here by writing only one letter of each word) which he interprets in several ingenious ways. The text is made of seven discourses, delivered in Izmir and Jerusalem. The number seven is also significant, which R Elimelech also explains in several ways. There is an owner’s signature, dated 1925, in blue pencil on the title page. The text is in a single column in rabbinic type, excepting headers and initial words, all printed on a fine white paper.
Paragraph 2    תורת חכם אור כי יהל. האי גברא רבא ... מלתא דאתיא מדרשה ... אשר איזן וחקר מעלת הרב ... נשיא נשיאי תנא ירושלמאה כמוהר"ר יצחק (בכמוהר"ר רפאל מאיר) אלימלך נר"ו יאיר ... כ"ד איש צעיר ... נסים מנחם ס"ט ...

שבעה דרושים. דף [5 - 6, א]: הקדמת המחבר ובתוכה ציונים ביוגראפיים על נדודיו ועל משפחתו. עם הקדמות [הסכמות]: ר' אליה עניו, קושטא, ניסן תקצ"ב; ר' אברהם ב"ר יצחק ענתיבי, ארם צובה, ראש חודש ניסן תקצ"א; רבני ארם צובה: ר' אליהו ב"ר יהודה קצין, ר' יוסף רפאל ששון , ר' עזרא הכהן, ר' משה הלוי, ר' אליהו ב"ר ישראל ששון, ר' חיים מרדכי לבוטון, ניסן תקצ"א; ר' חיים יצחק עבאדי, ארם צובה, ניסן תקצ"א.

   Vinofrad, Constantinople 689; Yaari, Constantinople no. 514; CD-EPI 0110407
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