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Title (English)    Nahalei Devash
Title (Hebrew)    נחלי דבש
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Dov Baer Philipshtal
City    Berlin
Publisher    Levinat
Publication Date    1832
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [5], 49 ff., 198:175 mm., wide margins, light age staining. A good copy loose in contemporary boards, split.
   Ethical work by R. Dov Baer ben Shraga Philipshtal. The title page informs that the contents were selected from works of mussar, which are “set upon sockets of” (cf. song of Songs 5:15) the works of the those who investigate such matters, the greatest of them, the Moreh (Maimonides), ha-Middot (Orhot Zaddikim, Ma’alot ha-Middot?), and the Kuzari (R. Judah Halevi, c. 1075–1141). Their words are the foundation of faith and belief, which will be explained. Nahalei Devash is based on derashot that R. Dov Baer delivered before the congregation of פין. R. Dov Baer entitled the work Nahalei Devash, not, G-d forbid, as a matter of pride, for he is aware of his negligible value, but only because his name and the name of his father are found in the word ד"ב"ש, that is the first letters of דוב בן שרגא. The title page is dated Friday, Erev Shabbat Kodesh, Elul 5, 5532 from the creation (August 31, 1832).

Nahalei Devash has several approbations, among them one from R. Akiva ben Moses Guens Eger (Eiger), (1761–1837), followed by a tefillah from the author, written as an acrostic, the first letters of each line spelling out his name, then the names of the individuals who supported publication, an introduction from the author, in which he again references the three works noted above, attributing Sefer ha-Middot to Aristotle, and adding the Akedah (R. Isaac ben Moses Arama c. 1420–1494). The text is divided into six sha’arim which are subdivided into netivot.

Paragraph 2    ... לקטתי... מדברי מוסר... מוסדים היו על אדני המחקר. מגדולי המחקרים. ס' המורה. והמדות, ומס' הכוזרי... ובהם יבוארו. מאמרים תמוהים... אשר דרשתי מהם, לפני קהל עדתי יושבי ק"ק פין... דוב בן... הרב מ"ו שרגא זצוק"ל. מילידי ק"ק לעסלא...

הסכמות: ר' עקיבא ב"ר משה גינז [איגר], פוזנן, יח טבת [תק"ץ]; ר' שמואל זונוויל , וואללשטיין, יא סיון תק"ץ; ר' יעקב יוסף ב"ר מרדכי [עטטינגער], ברלין, ב של ראש- חודש תמוז תק"ץ; ר' יעקב קאלפארי, פוזנן, יח טבת תק"ץ.

   Vinograd, Berlin 568; CD-EPI 0157878
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