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Title (English)    Rosh Yosef with signature of R. Judah Assad
Title (Hebrew)   
Author    [Ms.] R. Joseph ben Meir Teomim
City    Lemberg
Publisher    F. Galinski and S. L. Flecker
Publication Date    1859
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   [1], 101 ff., 360:230 mm., light age staining, old hand on title. A good copy bound in modern half cloth boards.
Paragraph 1    The copy of R. Judah Assad with his signature on the title page. R. Judah b. Israel Assad, (1794-1866) author of Yehudah Yaaleh Parts I-III, MaHaRe Assad, and many other important responsa was notable one of the greatest and important rabbinical scholars.
   Novellae on tractate Hullin by R. Joseph ben Meir Teomim. The text of the title page, set within a decorative frame, informs that it is R. Teomims novellae on the gemara, Rashi, and Tosefot, addressing all difficulties. The positions of the decisors, both early and later, are explained on each and every folio. Also, R. Teomim discusses at length related subjects. Rosh Yosef was brought to press by R. Abraham Nissim. The verso of the title page has approbations, followed by the text in two columns in rabbinic letters, excepting headers and initial words. An important feature of this copy is the signature of R. Judah Asad on the title page.

The title page is dated with the chronogram ' , which has a value of 623 (=1863). This is at variance with the date, 1859, given in Roman numerals. The description of an 1863 edition of Rosh Yosef in bibliographic sources is not compatible with this edition.

R. Joseph ben Meir Teomim (c. 17271792) was educated by his father, dayyan and darshan in Lemberg and the author of Birkat Yosef. Despite his distinction as a talmudic scholar, already evinced in his youth, R. Teomim had to resort to teaching to eke out a precarious livelihood. For some years he lived in Komarno, but then returned to Lemberg, and in 1772 moved to Berlin, where he continued his studies in the well-known bet ha-midrash of R. Daniel Jaffe. Although he became renowned for his scholarship, he evaded all who turned to him on halakhic or practical affairs, and devoted himself entirely to his studies. In 1774 he was called to succeed his father in Lemberg, and in 1781 acceded to the request of the community of Frankfort on the Oder to accept the position of rabbi, stipulating at the same time that they provide for the maintenance of 1012 yeshivah students. It was requested that he agree to remain with them for at least six years, but in fact he remained there for the rest of his life. R. Teomim's fame rests upon his classic commentary to the Shulhan Arukh, the Peri Megadim, and he is referred to by that name alone. The work became a standard one in the rabbinic world, accepted by all circles of Jewry, and numerous commentaries have been written on it. Even hasidic authorities postulated that "the Heavenly bet din too" decided halakhah in accordance with R. Teomim. Among his many other works are Porat Yosef, novellae to tractates Yevamot, Ketubbot, and Bava Kamma, as well as expositions of Alfasi's code and of Maimonides' Mishneh Torah.

   EJ; JE; Vin Lemberg 1509, 1951
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