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Title (English)    Kehal Ye'udah
Title (Hebrew)    קהל יאודה
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Judah Ashkenazi
City    Salonica
Publisher    Press of the Deceased Bezalel Ashkenazi
Publication Date    1825
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. [2], 86, 64, 22 ff., 275:187 mm., light damp staining, few wormholes affecting letters. A good copy bound in modern boards.
   On Yoreh De'ah, including a commentary to tractate Bezah.

R. Judah b. Joseph Ashkenazi (c. 1730–1791), rabbi and rosh yeshivah of Smyrna. R. Ashkenazi was a judge in matters of tax assessment and taught Talmud and codes in the city's yeshivot. R. Moses b. Joshua Soncino later financed the establishment of a yeshivah (Mahazikei ha-Torah) for him. R. Ashkenazi's foremost pupil was R. Raphael Isaac Mayo, who later became chief rabbi of Smyrna. Another pupil, R. Hayyim Joshua Soncino, son of the yeshivah's founder, financed the publication of his teacher's first work. R. Ashkenazi wrote many works which were edited posthumously by his son, Raphael. Mahaneh Ye'udah (Salonika, 1793) was originally intended as a commentary on the talmudic tractate Bava Batra but since it is essentially a clarification of the relevant halakhah in R. Jacob b. Asher's Tur, it was rearranged and edited by his son as a commentary to the Tur Hoshen Mishpat. Among his other works are: Yad Ye'udah (1816), on the tractate Shevu'ot, etc.; Gevul Ye'udah (1821), on tractate Gittin, etc.; Seridei Ye'udah (1831), homilies delivered at weddings, and eulogies, published by his grandson R. Abraham b. Raphael. R. Ashkenazi's first name appears in the title of all his works as "Ye'udah" in accordance with the pious custom of not writing the name as it is spelled since it contains the letters of the Tetragrammaton.

Paragraph 2    ...סובב הולך ע"ד ... מרנא ... בש"ע י"ד ... ואגב אסיפא ... שיטה על מסכת ביצה ... מקץ היות קצת חידושי מסכתות לקוטי בתר לקוטי ... מעשה ידי ... אבי ... כמה"ר יאודה אשכנזי זצוק"ל ... בן ... כמוה"ר יוסף אשכנזי ז"ל ... פי המדבר ... רפאל אשכנזי ס"ט ...

דף [2]: הקדמת ר' רפאל אשכנזי, בן המחבר, שהביא את הספר לדפוס. דף סג-סד (מן הספירה השנייה): השמטות מספרו ... מחנה יאודה.

   Vinograd, Salonica 676; R. Ashkenazi, Mareh Einayim (1816), 222a–b; idem, Mareh ha-Gadol, 2 (1831), 29a; R. I. Mayo, Pe'at Yam (1832), 23a; Azulai, 1 (1852), 38 no. 48; EJ; CD-EPI 0112252
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