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Title (English)    Torat Hayyim, Volume Two
Title (Hebrew)    תורת חיים, ח'ב
Author    [First Ed.] R. Hayyim Shabbetai
City    Salonica
Publisher    Talmud Torah
Publication Date    1715
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   First edition. Volume 2 of 3, [4], 128 ff., 312:200 mm., wide margins, usual age and damp staining; wax seal stain; title repaired with loss of border. A good copy bound in modern cloth boards.
   Responsa by R. Hayyim b. Shabbetai (known as Maharhash - Morenu Ha-Rav Hayyim Shabbetai; before 1555–1647), rabbi in Salonika. He studied under R. Aaron Sason, and subsequently became head of the yeshivah of the "Shalom" community. Many of his pupils became leading authorities such as R. Solomon ha-Levi, R. Isaac Barki, R. Hasdai ha-Kohen Perahyah, and R. David Conforte. It is not clear whether R. Jacob Ruvio or R. Hayyim Shabbetai was appointed to the post of chief rabbi by the leaders of the Salonikan communities in 1638, but certainly after R. Ruvio's death in 1640, R. Hayyim Shabbetai served as chief rabbi. In point of fact, he had been referred to as "the great rabbi" as early as 1622. He devoted himself assiduously to congregational matters, introducing many important regulations, and was regarded as the outstanding halakhic authority of his time, questions being addressed to him from communities near and far. Only part of his works have been published. These include: novellae on the tractate Ta'anit and on the last chapter of tractate Yoma, published in the Torat Moshe of his son R. Moses (Salonika, 1797); responsa on Even ha-Ezer (Salonika, 1651); and Torat Hayyim (3 parts, Salonika, 1713, 1715, 1722), responsa. The second part of this last work is preceded by a Kunteres ha-Moda'ah re-ha-Ones, on contracts entered into under duress, which was published separately (Lemberg, 1798) with a commentary by R. Jeremiah of Mattersdorf and his son R. Joab. R. Hayyim also wrote Torat ha-Zevah, on the laws of slaughtering and inspection and Seder Gittin (unpublished). Many additional responsa are to be found in the works of his contemporaries and disciples. He was also rabbi of Kahal Shalom Synagogue in Salonika in which position he was succeeded by his son R. Moses.
Paragraph 2    ... משאלות ותשובות... חברו... ר' חיים שבתי ז"להה

דשייכי לטור חושן המשפט ... הוגה ... ע"י החכם ... יום טוב ... בכמוהר"ר מיכאל הכהן [כנראה הוא שערך את המפתחות לשני החלקים]. חלק ב: וקונטריס מודעא ואונסים ... בשנת כי יתנו בגויים ע'ת'ה' אקבצם [תע"ה]. [4], קכח דף. בשער: שמע בני לקול אני אשר כאב לך אחו וגם אצו. שיר בשבח הספר. אוצר השירה והפיוט, ג, עמ' 485, מס' 1667.

   Vinograd, Salonica 212; CD-EPI 0180589; EJ
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