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Title (English)    Kerem Shelomo
Title (Hebrew)    כרם שלמה
Author    [Only Ed.] R. Solomon ben Joseph Amarillo
City    Salonica
Publisher    Abraham ben David Nahaman and Yom Tov Kanpilish
Publication Date    1719
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 26, 222 ff., 305:200 mm., wide margins, age and damp staining, few minor wormholes. A good copy bound in modern cloth boards.
   Responsa by R. Solomon ben Joseph Amarillo, Rav, halakhic authority, and preacher in Salonika. Apart from the importance of these responsa from a leading decisor, they are also of considerable value for the information they provide on seventeenth century Sephardic Jewry, particularly in the Ottoman Empire, for, being an outstanding halakhist, communities from all parts of Turkey turned to him with their problems.. The title page has a decorative border comprised of several rows of florets and topped by three fleur de lis and is dated “Solomon had a vineyard at שלמה בבעל (479=1719) Baal-Hamon” (Song of Songs 8:11). The verso of the title page has a preface from R. Hayyim Moses Amarillo, the author’s son, who was responsible for the publication of Kerem Shelomo as well as his father’s other titles. Below the preface is a complex coat of arms comprised of a crown at the top, unclothed women at the sides, five balls in the left panel suggestive of the Medici crest and in the right panel four scenes. Next is a detailed index (2a-23a) and discourses (23a-26b), followed by the responsa.

R. Solomon ben Joseph Amarillo, (1645–1721), began to write his responsa as a youth, and in 1666 began to preach in various Salonikan congregations. R. Amarillo was the father-in-law of R. Solomon Abdallah and an intimate friend of the learned R. Joseph Cobo. On the death of his teacher, R. Isaac ben Menahem ibn Habib (before 1685) R. Amarillo was appointed to replace him until R. Ibn Habib's son became old enough to assume the position. In 1691, following the death of R. Aaron ha-Cohen Perahyah, he was appointed one of the three chief rabbis of Salonika. In 1716 his bet ha-midrash was in the old Sicilian synagogue. He was the author of Penei Shelomo (Salonika, 1717), sermons, mainly eulogies, to which are appended notes on the Pentateuch additional under the title Olelot ha-Kerem published at the end of the Torat Hayyim, pt. 3 (Salonika, 1722) of R. Hayyim Shabbetai and also at the end of the responsa Devar Moshe, pt. 2 (Salonika, 1743) of his son R. Hayyim Moses.

Paragraph 2    משאלות ותשובות אשר איזן תיקן וחיבר ... כמהר"ר שלמה אמארילייו נר"ו יאיר ...

מעבר לשער: הקדמת בן המחבר, ר' [חיים] משה אמארילייו. קונטרס עוללות הכרם, הכולל מקצת שאלות ותשובות שנשמטו מן הספר, נדפס, ע"י בן המחבר, כנספח לספר תורת חיים לר' חיים שבתי, חלק ג, שלוניקי תפ"ב. עיין: שבתי, חיים בן שבתי. השמטות נוספות נדפסו על ידו, בספרו דבר משה, חלק ב, שאלוניקי תק"ג. עיין: אמארילייו, חיים משה בן שלמה.

   EJ; JE; D. A. Pipano, Shalshelet Rabbanei Saloniki ve-Rabbanei Sofia (1925) 6–7a; Rosanes, Togarmah, 4 (1935), 220–3; Vinograd, Salonika 217; CD-EPI 0120960
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