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Title (English)    Likkutei Shoshannim
Title (Hebrew)    לקוטי שושנים
Author    [First Ed.] R. David ibn Hin
City    Venice
Publisher    Daniel Zanetti
Publication Date    1602
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   First edition. 20 ff., 188:125 mm., light age staining, stamps on title with expert repairs. A very good copy bound in modern half vellum and marbled paper boards.
   Collection of discourses on books of the Bible by different authors, all eminent rabbis. The editor was R. David ibn Hin (end of 16th-beginning 17th century), a kabbalist who resided in Salonika. Although blind, he published R. Moses Cordovero’s Sefer Gerushim (Venice, 1600) and R. Joseph Gikatilla’s Perush Haggadah (Venice, 1602). The title page has a decorative frame comprised of rows of florets. It states that “it is a seemly work gathered from geonim,” who it then proceeds to name them. “A palanquin is spread for the blind סגיא נהור sage and sagacious R. David ibn Hin who took hold of my hand, the printer [Isaac Gershon], for the public good, which is dependent upon him, may he soon be judged and restored to sight.” The title page is dated Wednesday, 14 Tamuz “In your name בשמך (362 = July 3, 1602) shall they rejoice all the day” (Psalms 89:17). There is an introduction from ibn Hin (2a-2b), in which he informs that the Lord has given him the merit to bring to light “the secrets of wisdom” (Job 11:6), that is, the two works noted above and this work, for although his eyes cannot see his ears can hear the learning that is the novellae in them. He then proceeds to mention several of the contributors and the other books that he has published. Ibn Hin called this, his second book, Likkutei Shoshannim for all who peruse it will rejoice and be glad “like one who finds great booty” (Psalms 119:162) as one who picks lilies (ke-likkut shoshannim).

The introduction is in square letters but the text of Likkutei Shoshannim is in a small rabbinic type, excepting headers and initial words. The first word of the introduction is in a decorative frame and the initial word of the volume is set in a border of florets that covers the width of the page. The contributors to Likkutei Shoshannim and their contributions are: R. Jacob Berab (c. 1474–1546) – Joshua (3a-3b); R. Meir Arama (1460?–c. 1545) – Isaiah (3b-5a), Jeremiah (5a), Ezekiel (5b), Hosea (5b-6a); R. Obadiah Sforno (c. 1470–C. 1550) – Jonah (6a-6b), Habakkuk (6b-7b), Zechariah (8a-9b); R. Isaac Gershon (d. c. 1620) – Malachi (10a-12b). A colophon follows, in which ibn Hin informs that after completing the above another work, small but of great quality, became available, by R. Samuel Almosnino (16th cent.) on the twelve minor prophets, and he “could not refrain himself before all those who stood by him” (cf. Genesis 45:1), saying all who begin a mitzvah needs to complete it and one mitzvah brings on another, so that it was added to this work. Almosnino’s contribution is from 13a through 20b. Likkutei Shoshannim, in its entirety, was reprinted by Moses Frankfurter (1672–1762) in his Kehillat Moshe (Amsterdam, 1724–27).

Paragraph 2    והוא חבור ... מלוקט מגאוני' ... ר' יעקב בירב זלה"ה, והגאון מוה"רר מאיר ערמה זצ"ל, והרב ... עובדיה ספורנו ז"ל. ואחרון ... ר' יצחק גרשון נר"ו ... ואפריין נמטייה לסגיא נהור ... ר' דוד ן' הין יצ"ו אשר החזיק ידי המדפיסים ... הוגה ... על יד ... ר' יצחק גרשון נר"ו.

דף ב: "הקדמת המדפיס", דוד ן' הין. כותב בין השאר: "זכני ה' להוציא לאור תעלומות חכמה, אף כי עיני לא ראום אזני שמעום ... קצת פשטים ... המתחילי' מיהושע ומסיימי' במלאכי". כולל: פשטי יהושע, מהרי"ב (יעקב בירב) ז"ל; פשטי ישעיה, ירמיה, יחזקאל והושע, כנראה לר' מאיר עראמה; פשטי יונה, חבקוק וזכריה לר' עובדיה ספורנו; פשטי מלאכי ממוהרי"ג (יצחק גרשון) נר"ו. האחרון אף הוסיף דברים משלו בתוך "פשטי ישעיה" בחתימת יג"ר שהדותא. דף יב,ב-כ: "וכעת אשר סיימנו הלקוטים הנז' הזמין ה' לידי חבור ... מהגאון מוהר"ר שמואל אלמושנינו ז"להה על תרי עשר" (הושע, עובדיה, יונה, מיכה). הספר כולו (פרט ליהושע) חזר ונדפס על ידי ר' משה פרנקפורט, בתוך מהדורת התנ"ך "קהלות משה", חלק ג, אמשטרדם תפ"ז. הוא מיחס את פשטי ישעיה ירמיה יחזקאל והושע לר' יעקב בירב.

   Benayhu, Asufot XII pp. 35, 113-15; JE; Yaari, Studies in Hebrew Booklore, pp. 135-36; Vin Venice 947; CD-EPI 0145080
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