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Title (English)    Binyan Yehoshua
Title (Hebrew)    בנין יהושע
Author    [First Ed.] R. Joshua Falk Lisser
City    Dyhernfurth
Publisher    Jehiel Mechel May
Publication Date    1788
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   [2], 24, 24-29, 9, 9 ff., 310:185 mm., old hands and stamps, light age staining. A good copy bound in modern boards.
   Commentaries, including textual emendations, on the minor tractates in the Talmud by R. Joshua Falk Lisser. The title page has a decorative border and the signet comprised of a mounted rider with lance and an armadillo surrounded by Latin verse found on contemporary Dyhernfurth imprints. The text states that it is a commentary on Avot de-Rabbi Nathan, Semahot, Derekh Erez Rabbah and Derekh Erez Zuta. It describes the author as R. Joshua Falk, a resident of Lissa, son of the righteous R. Isaac Itzik ben R. Joshua Falk, author of Me’irat Einayim. The verso of the title page has approbations from R. Isaac Joseph ben Hayyim Jonah Teomim of Breslau, R. David Teveli ben Nathan Nuta of Brod, and R. Benjamin Wolff ben Akiva Eger. It is followed by the author’s introduction, in which he apologizes for his suggested textual emendations. In defense of his work he pointed to the precedents of R. Solomon Luria and R. Samuel Edels, who had also suggested variant readings in their commentaries. Next are the tractates with the commentary. The text of the tractates is in the outer column in square letters, the commentary in the inner column in rabbinic letters. Foliation starts anew for each tractate, excepting Derekh Erez Rabbah and Zuta which have continuous foliation. The volume concludes with laws applicable to Semahot. There are several owners’ stamps on the title page and signatures in a fine handwriting.

R. Joshua Falk Lisser (d. 1807) was a prominent rabbi and talmudist. He studied under R. Moses Zerah Eidlitz of Prague, author of Or la-Yesharim. As dayyan at Lissa he was involved in the decision to condemn and burn Naphtali Herz Wessely’s Divrei Shalom ve-Emet, which called on Jews to emancipate themselves.

Avot de-Rabbi Nathan, Semahot, Derekh Erez Rabbah and Derekh Erez Zuta are among the minor tractates of the Talmud, appended at the end of Nezikin. Their appellation as minor or smaller tractates does not necessarily refer to their size, but rather to the fact that they were not canonized. Avot de-Rabbi Nathan, for instance, consists of 41 chapters. These tractates contain a wealth of legal and aggadic material.

Paragraph 2    פירש... על אדר"נ [אבות דרבי נתן]. ומס' שמחות ודא"ר ודא"ז [ודרך ארץ רבא ודרך ארץ זוטא] ופ' השלום [כולם עם הפנים]... הכינותי... יהושע פלק נ"י מתושבי... ליסא. בן... מו"ה יצחק אייזק נ"י מברעסלא . נין ונכד יהושע פלק זצ"ל בעל המחבר סמ"ע [ספר מאירת עינים]... ומצד אמי... משפחת הרב... עטרת זקיני' [ר' מנחם מענדל אויערבאך] זצ"ל...

דף כט: דיני אבל ובית הקברות, בלשון אשכנז. בסוף הספר: דיני אונן ואבל. הסכמות: ר' יצחק יוסף ב"ר חיים יונה תאומים, ברעסלא, כו מנחם [-אב] תקמ"ח; ר' דוד טעבלי [ב"ר נתן נטע] מבראד, ליסא, כה אייר תקמ"ח; ר' בנימין וואלף [ב"ר עקיבא] איגר מלייפניק, ברעסלויא, ראש- חודש שבט תקמ"ח.

   Vin Dyhernfurth 266; EJ; JE; CD-EPI 0148713
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